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How to Write a Marketing Plan

How to Write a Marketing Plan

There is 7 parts to a standard marketing plan.

1: The Executive Summary: A synopsis of the marketing plan. It will not go into complete detail but should outline your plan as a whole.

2: The Environmental Analysis should present information regarding the groups current situation in it's marketing environment, along with target markets and current objectives and performance.

3: Swot Analysis should give your companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, matching strengths to opportunities / converting weaknesses and threats.

4: Marketing Objective. Marketing objectives are based on environmental analysis, swot analysis, the firms objectives, resources roles. Stating the specific and measurable outputs is very important.

5: Marketing strategies should name A. Your target Market and B. Your Marketing mix of products and each element of that mix. Product, Price, Distribution and promotions.

6: Marketing Implementation should show the functions, products, regions, or types of customers along with strategies Is should also state where decision making authority will rest within the unit of marketing. Marketing Implementation should also contain all activities, responsibility, and also timetables for completion.

7. Evaluation and Control. Should contain Performance standards how they will be measured and evaluated along with Monitoring Procedures.

Go over your work. If you are showing your plan to potential investors or banks you want your work to be as close to perfect. It's not a bad idea to have a lawyer go over your work before you begin put it out there.

Thanks for reading and I really hope it helps You or Your Business.

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