“I Forgot You Have Mental Illness”: Penang Doctor Slammed For Insensitive Tweet


Whether you are a celebrity or just a regular person, you should always be careful with what you post on social media as it could come back to bite you. That’s exactly what happened to this Malaysian doctor after she was caught tweeting something hurtful on Twitter.

Twitter user @/JamalThaRebel or simply Jamal posted a screenshot of a government doctor’s tweet that said, “Oh sorry, I forgot you have mental illness but sure whatever you say”. What compelled the doctor to tweet such a thing? To make it brief, it started with an online argument regarding whom she is currently dating. Regardless of the backstory, the tweet sparked outrage among netizens who felt that it was extremely unprofessional of her to say that.

Source: Twitter/JamalThaRebel
Source: Twitter/JamalThaRebel

Jamal originally planned to file a report to the Penang Hospital’s disciplinary board regarding their staff’s behaviour. Many seemed to support his decision and even recommended he file a report on the medical practitioner via the Public Complaint Management System (SISPAA) and email the Ministry of Health regarding the issue.

The Twitter user then urged everyone to do the same by providing them with the links to file the complaint against the UiTM graduate. The doctor herself, who is known as Farah, DM-ed Jamal about the post after it went viral. As seen in the screenshots below, it seems that she was unremorseful about her words as she told him, “Why are you even reporting me? Is it the ‘I forgot you have mental illness’ post? That’s a fact though”. 

Source: Twitter/JamalThaRebel

Allegedly, this wasn’t the first time Doctor Farah has received complaints about her behaviour as some netizens, came forward to share that she is notorious for her unfiltered words on social media. Unfortunately, we could not verify that information as she has since gone private.

At the time of writing, Jamal updated that SISPAA received his complaint and is currently under review. This incident goes to show that what goes around, comes around so we hope that this doctor learned her lesson.

Source: Twitter/JamalThaRebel
Source: Twitter/g8keeper

Sources: Twitter (1)(2)

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