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I Share My Forex Trading Secrets: 3 Astonishing Tips About Renko Bar Charts

I Share My Forex Trading Secrets: 3 Astonishing Tips About Renko Bar Charts

Are you looking to find out more about renko bar charts?

Allow me to share my personal findings concerning fx renko charts Are you ready to read more?

A few years ago I wanted to learn more about forex trading charts I spent endless hours searching the internet and various websites about forex renko charts in search of reliable information that I could further my education with. It was a very time-consuming task, but I wanted to know more about these forex trading charts

In a nutshell I learned 3 Astonishing Tips about interesting and unique charts and I want to share them with you!

Grab a pencil and get ready to write down some very important information.

Astonishing Tip #1 – I discovered how you locate these visual charts on the internet and use them for FREE!

Yes you will find renko bar charts offered by most of the reputable forex brokers you see online. Usually these charts are absolutely free of charge just by opening a demo account.

Astonishing Tip #2 – These currency charts eliminate a lot of the price whipsaws and this allows a trader to make better trading decisions.

When a forex trader is not emotionally attached to price movement, he or she can make better trading decisions. Less mistakes will lead to fewer losing trades. This will make it easier for a currency trader to make money each month.

Astonishing Tip #3 – Did you realize you can change the size of a renko bar?

You will be able to use a 25 pip renko bar size or even choose to use 10 or 5 pip box sizes. You can scalp the forex markets with smaller box sizes or swing trade with either 20 pip, 25 pip or 33 pip renko box sizes.

So have you learned something new and exciting about these renko charts I am glad you and I got to spend a few minutes sharing my invaluable information with you.

BUT… INFORMATION alone is NOT ENOUGH! You need to do something right now with this newly acquired information. And that is…


Applied knowledge combined with your desire is a very powerful tool to finding success. You can find success with renko box trading by combining the information you have learned here with your willingness to take immediate action.

Successful forex traders use a simple trading approach to trade the markets. If you truly believe in yourself and your trading approach, success will come a lot faster and easier than someone who has the “holy grail” but does not believe in the trading system.


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