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If Gold Were Money – A Value Comparison

If Gold Were Money – A Value Comparison

With the recent price of gold at $1,100/oz, a gram is worth about $35. Assuming gold were money, let’s take a look at what you could get with one gram and how far an ounce would take you.

Before going to bed on Sunday evening you budget your lunch expenses for the work week. Costing about $7 per day, you set aside one gram of gold for the five lunches for the week.

Your wife plans on going grocery shopping on Monday so you give her five grams to cover that expense.

It’s Monday morning, time to head for work. After starting the car you realize the gas gauge is on empty. A trip to the gas station costs one gram of gold for a fill-up.

Wednesday afternoon is here and it’s time for your hump day golf outing. Your greens fee, cart rental and other miscellaneous expenses require about two grams of gold.

When you arrive home that evening your wife tells you that she backed into the neighbors mailbox and crushed it. A trip the the local home center costs you two more grams for a new mailbox.

On Thursday you pay the lawn mowing service to cut your grass and clean up the leaves. You also stop by the dry cleaners to have your suits cleaned. These expenses cost two grams.

As Friday evening rolls around you decide that, in spite of the mailbox disaster, you will take your wife out to dinner and dancing. A nice dinner at the club along with a few drinks is worth about three grams of gold.

On Saturday you and your wife plan a day with the kids. You opt for a trip to the ballpark thinking to yourself there may not be enough gold in the whole world to cover the cost of that trip these days. Upon returning home Saturday evening you calculate the expenses for that day which were about 10 grams.

Finishing the week out you meet your in-laws for Sunday brunch. Since you are so fond of your in-laws you pick up the tab for a loss of two grams.

The week is over and you are left with three grams. One troy ounce of gold consists of approximately 31 grams. After a week of expenses you are left with three grams, just what you have budgeted for savings!


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