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Improved Business With Communication Skills

Improved Business With Communication Skills

Communication is an attempt to influence someone with an idea to do or to avoid doing something today or at a future date. You can ask directly or you can aggravate your message in various ways. Your effectiveness in both overt and covert ways of communication will go a long way in improving your personal and business success.

Research has shown that 60 percent of one-to-one communication is unspoken. The body language is responsible for a great part of that percentage by giving out a constant stream of involuntary and voluntary signals you can learn to increase increase your effectiveness. By improving this skill, you will be able to influence people and adjust your communication style based on their body language. Their handshake alone tells a lot about the type of person you are about to deal with. This foreknowledge prepares you to handle the conversation effectively.

The toughest part of communication is the use language. Hopefully you should have crossed this hurdle as a child to at least the basic level. When it comes to refining your language skill it is just one more step into a world of great communication.

That step makes all the difference. Just as the world champion is only a few a seconds faster than the rest of the pack, so are the gifts of great communicators in business and personal life. These individuals have mastered a few techniques unknown to their competitors.

You can always get others to say YES. The more YES you get, the more success you will get and the more favorably disposed people, customers and business will be towards you.

This communication skill is the secret of highly successful people. From the boardroom to the cloakroom and onto the golf course, getting what you want is always about using the right words, the right emotion and body language to get other people to open up to you and assist you in pursuit of your goal.

Imagine these scenarios:

O You walk into a room of strangers and you can tell those who want your attention, you also know what to say to make a great first impression.

O You are a salesperson facing a difficult group. But from their body language you know their thoughts and then how to get them on your side, close the sale and open a great relationship for future sales.

O You know exactly when and how to ask your boss for a pay raise or promotion. You also know exactly how to persuade him to read all your reports immediately

O You are a parent of teenage children and you now know how to get them to do what you want without any arguments

O You are about to get a speeding ticket, but since you know what to say to win the officer over, you do not get one. Instead, the officer walks you back to your car and takes your business card.

You can achieve everything you want in life, with no limit to your success with your ability and knowledge of effective communication.

It will always work against you or the business to use language to demoralize your employees or partners in any circumstance. You can crush people if you do not choose your language carefully. Your power as an effective communicator should be used in the most positive way, which sometimes calls for a great deal of restraint and patience.

Source by Emmanuel Sodipo

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