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Increasing Website Traffic by Easy and Free Online Marketing Strategies

Increasing Website Traffic by Easy and Free Online Marketing Strategies

Increasing your website traffic is marketing your content to the world. Hence, you should give the best you can in doing so. The following are some ways that can help you through:

1. Create blogs about celebrities.

Of course, everyone would love to know a thing or two about celebrities. And that curiosity will bring you thousands of guests every time. Write something about the hottest stars today and relate them to what you’re promoting. For example, if you’re marketing dog accessories, you can write about celebrities dressing up their pets. If your niche is more on the technical side, you can still use this technique by looking for some celebrity trivia and connecting it to your topic.

2. Write about popular holidays.

Major holidays are some of the most frequent keyword searches online. This makes them a valuable topic to use in your web content. Try talking about how a certain holiday is celebrated on some parts of the country.

3. Get a strategic URL from WordPress.

A strategic URL can mean a great difference when it comes to website traffic. If your URL is short, relevant and eye-catching, then your website is likely to receive higher traffic.

4. Make it a point to reply to emails and blog replies.

Doing this ensures that your readers are well-posted about your website. Plus, this will give them a deep connection to your website.

5. Use your web address as your forum signature.

Incorporating your website’s address in your signature will help people notice your site. So when you post on another blog, forum or website, make sure that your web address is included in your signature. This way, people can easily access your site when they find your comment or article interesting and informative.

6. Post exciting and interesting events for your target market.

For example, if you’re selling clothes and dresses, then you can write a post for an incoming fashion show or designer events. This way, as people search for those popular events, your website will show up and your visitors will increase in number.

7. Organize polls.

People naturally want to express their opinions on certain matters. Because of this, you’re increasing the chances that people will notice your site, hence, improving your site’s traffic. You can acquire poll plugins from WordPress.

8. Inject humor and graphics throughout your website.

Your website will be more catchy and interesting when you include humor throughout your articles and graphics around your site.

9. Link your website to bigger blogs.

Every blog started as a small one. Thus, you should never refuse to ask for help from other bloggers. Try negotiating with some of them and you’ll eventually receive traffic directed from someone else’s blog.

10. Sign up for a Twitter account and make a lot of friends by following others.

Make it a point to use various channels in promoting your website. Try creating a Twitter account, then make as many friends by following others and they will follow you in return. Tweet as often as possible to make sure that more people can access your website. But remember no to spam. This will increase your traffic instantly, and that’s for free.


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