Influencer Junjun Refuses To Pay RM10 After Photographer At KLCC Took Her Touristy Photos


Chinese internet celeb Junjun in Malaysia (马来西亚君君) has been living in Malaysia for over six years, but the sparkle of it has yet to fade. In fact, she recently took a trip to KLCC to take photos, as tourists do, however, her latest jaunt ended up causing a stir among her followers instead.

Apparently, while there, Junjun hired the services of a photographer who charged her RM10 for a photo. Unexpectedly, rather than pay the amount, she attempted to negate her dues by offering to take a photo of him instead! Well, her actions left netizens less than impressed.

Source: TikTok/@junjuninmalaysia

Just last week, Junjun Malaysia made her way to KLCC allegedly to take some touristy photos. She managed to find a photographer among the crowd, who claimed he would only charge her RM10 for a photo. “Three pictures for RM20,” he added. After viewing his previous photos and approving of his work, he led her to a less crowded area with a good view.

Junjun was impressed when he even showed her a few poses that would make her look good in her photos. She was even more impressed by how good her photos were. However, when it came time to pay, Junjun decided to get cheeky instead. “How about you stand there and I take a photo for you?” she suggested, causing the photographer to laugh at her audacity. “Then I no need to pay lah!

Surprisingly enough, he agreed to play along. However, he wasn’t too impressed with her skills, pointing out various flaws in her photos, such as a random passer-by appearing at the side of the photo, and overexposure of lights in the background. Still, he did let her off the hook, agreeing when she asked: “So no need to pay, yeah?

Source: TikTok/@junjuninmalaysia
Source: TikTok/@junjuninmalaysia

While her cheekiness left some netizens in stiches, others were doubtful of her actions. “(Their) job is to take photos for you but you (won’t even pay) them,” one criticised. “Why are you so cheap?” another exclaimed. A few even opined that she had wasted the photographer’s time by hiring his services, but refusing to pay. “Meeting a customer like you is unfortunate,” one stated.

But, some pointed out that the photographer was likely running an unlicensed business. One even defended Junjun, claiming she was just making content and had likely already sorted things out with the photographer. “Do you know how (unrelenting) the “illegal photographers” are there?” they asked. “They are (trying to make ends meet). If you take a photo and don’t want it, they won’t let you go!

Source: Facebook/马来西亚君君

Junjun in Malaysia did not respond to comments calling her out on her actions, however she did thank those who stood up for her. It still remains unclear if she paid what she owed in the end, but we certainly hope so. If not, as suggested, she could always snag a passer-by to help her for free.

Watch her video here:


KLCC楼下10马打卡游客照到底值不值!有谁拍过?#马来西亚 #吉隆坡 #旅游 #malaysia

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Sources: TikTok, Facebook, Tan Tan News

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