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Insider Dump Trucks Sale Buying Secrets!

Insider Dump Trucks Sale Buying Secrets!

For most industries, especially the construction industry, having a truck capable of carrying large loads of loose material to dump at a construction site means increased productivity and sales. While some large companies can afford to purchase a brand new commercial truck straight out, most businesses cannot mainly because of its expensive price tag. The average price for a standard truck capable of dumping these days ranges from $50,000 to $300,000. In this article, let me share some insider dump truck buying secrets on finding an affordable dumping truck in serviceable condition.

First, determine your business needs. Dumping trucks come in numerous types and sizes and you really cannot properly shop unless you have established exactly what you need. In other words, do the necessary homework.

Second, as you are determining your needs, you will also need to check on local, state and federal DOT regulations regarding commercial dump trucks. Governmental regulations and your business requirements will be a large determining factor in selecting the truck size for sure.

Third, know what your budget is for your dump truck purchases. This will probably narrow your selection down to certain types, models and sizes to aid in your selection process. The first three secrets listed above may very well lead you to the next secret.

Fourth is to make a decision as to whether you can afford to buy a new commercial truck. When buying any kind of vehicle, purchasing it brand new is always the preferred choice since brand new vehicles are always in top condition and come with a warranty. The same is also true when purchasing commercial trucks; however, brand new trucks may be out of reach for you. This leads us to the fifth buying secret.

Fifth, consider buying a used dump truck. You can find used trucks from government auctions, sales lots, truck dealers, construction companies, and especially through the internet. Used dumping trucks have been utilized by the original owner for a certain period of time; in some cases, it may have just been for a certain project. Therefore, its value has depreciated, which lowers the price as compared to a brand new truck. It also means that you will not face that immediate drive-it-off-the-dealer-lot depreciation usually faced when buying a new vehicle.

The sixth and final secret revolves around credibility and trust. Although used dumping trucks are priced low, buying used vehicles also comes with risks. Since many of the best-priced available commercial vehicles are found on the internet, the usual procedure of having a mechanic check out the vehicle for any potential problems is not really feasible. So here is the big, big dump trucks sales-buying secret of all time: You must have absolute trust in the dealer you select to handle your purchase.

You should be looking for a reputable dealer who has been in commercial truck sales endeavors for a long time, the longer the better. This shows a company that has been successful through every kind of economic twist and turn. Look for any special services offered with the deal, such as assistance making airline reservations and hotel accommodations to pick up the truck, airport pick-up service at the dealer location city as well as assistance with local eating and entertainment decisions while waiting for the truck inspection, and an overall attitude of putting the customer first.

A dump truck is an expensive investment, whether you buy it new or used. It is possible to lower the purchase cost and acquire the equipment at a manageable level. If you follow the above secrets when looking for a dump truck, you will indeed find the vehicle to fit your needs.


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