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International Student Visas? 3 Ways to Avoid Being Cheated!

International Student Visas? 3 Ways to Avoid Being Cheated!

You have probably considered studying overseas before, but you hate thinking about the nitty gritty details of enrollment processes or student visas. But if studying overseas has been your lifelong dream, you should not let simple paperwork deter you. All you have to do is send in your application. If your school of choice accepts you as a student after reviewing your grades and capability, their admissions office will help you with preparations for your student visa.

While looking out for good schools are important, beware of scams. Some fraudsters operate under the guise of private schools to operate their businesses.

Student Visa Scams Around the World

Having a criminal record as an illegal immigrant will give you trouble finding jobs and travelling in the future. Here is how to avoid it:

1) Make sure your school of choice is a legitimate education provider. Check through government websites, news and word-of-mouth from family, friends and online information.

2) Call the school directly to enroll or get help from genuine agents. Fraudulent agents can either run away with your school fees and/or give you a fake visa.

3) Check for the importance of class attendance. Some fake schools assure clients that no attendance is required to graduate from the course. Their degrees are usually available for immediate sale.

A foreign student status is usually the perfect cover for an illegal immigrant searching for employment and residence in another country. There are many fake private schools around the world offering student visas through loopholes in the law, along with fake certification.

Choose a legitimate School

All reputable schools will have education consultants ready to help with admissions and overseas student visa. Getting a visa for another country depends a lot on where your original country is. For most countries, you will have to legitimately enroll in a school before you can apply for a student visa. The admissions officer will help direct you to fill in the necessary forms and send your student visa applications to the respective government bodies for approval.

Your school will most likely prompt you for the following:

– Several passport-sized photographs of yourself

– Several two-inch photographs of yourself

– Copy of your identity card

– Copy of your updated passport

– Your résumé and/or portfolio

– Academic transcripts and records of your highest qualification

– Payment for enrollment/application fee

Always look for authorized means to get your visa. Or you run the risk of being an unintentional illegal immigrant. Since the admissions office of your selected school will be helping you with such transactions, choose a school with a good reputation.


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