Interview: Tony Leung Explains Why He Won’t Act Opposite Wife Carina Lau Onscreen Again


Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝伟) has been busy traveling around Asia to promote his latest movie “The Goldfinger” (金手指). The Hong Kong legend was in Malaysia where he was joined by director Felix Chong and producer Ronald Wong for the “The Goldfinger” press conference at The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur.

I used to travel to Malaysia a lot in the 1980s. There’s a warm feeling because returning here this time is like coming back to a familiar place and meeting old friends,” Tony Leung said, when asked about visiting KL again.

“The Goldfinger” takes place in the 1980s where we witness the rise and fall of a giant conglomerate Carmen Enterprises and its chairman Ching Yat Yin (portrayed by Tony Leung). Starring opposite him is Andy Lau as senior investigator Lau Kai Yuen, who leads a 15-year investigation against the corrupted mastermind.

In addition to the intriguing storyline, many fans are excited to see Tony and Andy’s onscreen reunion after 21 years since “Infernal Affairs”. “There’s a sense of security knowing that you’re working with people you’re familiar with. Andy and I are good friends, and our great chemistry is built on trust. Whenever we’re on set, there’s no need for any special communication. Just one glance and we both understand each other,” the 61-year-old was quoted as saying.

Before visiting Malaysia, Tony told the Singaporean press that he hopes his next collaboration with Andy will see their characters on the same side rather than on opposite ends. “I told him [at the Hong Kong premiere] last night that next time, let’s not play enemies and be partners instead. Bad guys can be partners too! We could play gangsters or robbers,” he said.

Playing Ching in “The Goldfinger” certainly shows a side of Tony that we’ve never seen before. The entertainer added, “I’m more interested in playing villains because less people find me for that role. I think I’ve only played the bad guy less than five times in my career, so it feels very refreshing whenever I act as one. There also aren’t as many rules and restrictions when playing the villain, so recently, I prefer those roles.” According to the actor, he doesn’t see a role as “good guy” or “bad guy”, but looks at the personality and characteristic.

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Here are other highlights from the press conference in KL:

  • The slapping scene at the hospital.
  • On why he wouldn’t want to collaborate with wife Carina Lau onscreen again. “I’ve already acted with my wife once, and it felt very weird,” he explained.
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  • Would he reprise Ching for “The Goldfinger” sequel?

During #TheGoldfinger press con in Malaysia, #TonyLeung was asked if he’d reprise this role for a sequel with AndyLau.

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“The Goldfinger” premieres on 30th December.

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