Introducing The New Toyota C-HR (2023) Interior and Exterior Design


The all-new, next generation Toyota C-HR takes the stand-out quality and status of its predecessor to a higher level with avant garde design, advanced technologies and a range of electrified hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains with increased power, greater driveability and extended all-electric driving capabilities. It also reinforces Toyota’s commitment to Europe: the new model was conceived in Europe with European customers firmly in mind, and it is being built exclusively in Europe, including assembly of its high-voltage battery units.

The new Toyota C-HR’s striking design is faithful to the styling displayed by the prologue model revealed in late 2022. Its distinctive exterior has the impact of “a concept car on the road”.

The original Toyota C-HR broke the mould of SUV design with its coupe-like lines. These are rendered even more sharply in the new model with its “super-coupe” profile. The frontal treatment presents the new face for Toyota SUVs, seen also on the all-electric bZ4X. True to the styling cues of the Toyota C-HR prologue, the look is keen and piercing, with a sense of the car being ready to surge forwards. The theme of interlocking shapes is prominent in the diamond-cut character lines along the side of the vehicle, underscoring the flush door handles – featured on a Toyota for the first time – and adding emphasis to the car’s road presence.

The all-new Toyota C-HR will be introduced with a choice of three electrified powertrains, a line-up that demonstrates Toyota’s well-proven multi-technology path to carbon neutrality. Toyota believes that diverse options need to be offered to give customers access to affordable and practical vehicles that will accelerate the pace of CO2 reduction as of now and help ensure a successful transition to zero emission mobility.

The range comprises 1.8 and 2.0-litre hybrid electric (HEV) versions and a 2.0-litre plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) model.

The new models benefit from the latest, fifth generation Toyota technology which delivers a class- leading balance of increased power and low emissions, meeting the needs and priorities of customers at the heart of the C-segment market. This has been achieved with a comprehensive redesign of key hybrid system components to reduce size and mass, including a new transaxle and power control unit (PCU) and a more powerful high-voltage battery.

The 1.8-litre HEV powertrain, as also featured in the new Corolla family, is focused on eco performance but has significantly more power than the current 1.8-litre hybrid electric Toyota C- HR. The 2.0-litre hybrid is an even stronger proposition, its higher output contributing to a rewarding hybrid driving experience with uncompromised efficiency.

The 2.0-litre plug-in hybrid – a best-in-class system – has a dual DNA: it provides effortless all- electric EV driving for daily use and highly efficient hybrid electric performance for longer trips. The system can take much of the stress out of driving, with true EV capability with a very competitive range, and with Regeneration Boost – a “one pedal”-like driving experience – with three operating levels for easier progress in city traffic. It will also automatically adjust the drive mode to optimise energy efficiency, recognising the best opportunities for energy recharging when following a route via the car’s navigation system. Thanks to the introduction of a new geofencing function, the Toyota C-HR PHEV will automatically switch to EV operation when the car enters a low emission zone (LEZ), optimising battery usage across the entire trip (when using a navigation system and sufficient battery charge is available).

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