Ipoh Largest Night Market | Pasar Malam First Garden | Malaysia Street Food | 马来西亚怡保第一花园夜市美食~Part 1


Malaysia Ipoh Largest Night Market Food Tour @ First Garden

MALAYSIA NIGHT MARKET STREET FOOD tour in 2023! Let’s GO!!! This is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in the world and you can see that through Malaysia’s cuisine. Let Rolling Watermelon take you for a MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD tour at this Ipoh Largest PASAR MALAM @ 1st Garden (NIGHT MARKET TOUR).

Ipoh Largest Night Market | Pasar Malam First Garden | Malaysia Street Food | 马来西亚怡保第一花园夜市美食~Part 1
1st Garden Night Market / Pasar Malam First Garden
Location: Jalan Taman Ng Weng Hup, Taman Pertama, 30100 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Business Hours : 4pm to 10pm
Open Every Friday

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  1. Rolling Watermelon says

    Hello Foodies, join Rolling Watermelon to Ipoh Largest Night Market tour @ Pasar Malam First Garden, 😋😋😋🍉 let us know if you've visited and which are your favourite food stalls, stay tuned for Part 2!!! 😊

  2. Sharon Leong says

    It's great and interesting. I like it very much. Thanks.👍👍👍😍😍😍

  3. Janet says

    She introduced all the cakes without wearing a mask !! Scary !😮

  4. Khu says

    Hello rolling . I hope you are well. I cannot believe my luck . I was in ipoh for two weeks and i never went to this pasar malam . I went to the one in menglembu i think it was tuesday ? There was only 5 stalls open . Now back in the uk and just dreaming of food 😂. Nice video .. i totally enjoyed the Malaysian hospitality. You guys are great . Once again i thank you

  5. Tan Tianjian says

    Ipoh food r yummy

  6. 陳利青陳利青 says


  7. Mohd Asrie says


  8. Tanequa Gray says

    This food looks amazing 😋😋😋😋❤❤❤❤

  9. K Soo says

    di mana jalan

  10. Danny's Food & Travel says

    wow ! love the night market food tour ~

  11. Papa Li says

    👍 👍👍👍

  12. Ambient Walking says

    Today is a super really nice day because of this video. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you.

  13. Homemade & Street Food Videos says

    Nice video.

  14. Lis Rijkschroeff says

    I have noticed Chinese night market are more interesting and variation than Malay's

  15. eliza wong says

    Would like to visit one day… So much food choice here

  16. World Cooking says

    It's a great street food from Malaysia and the video shows it perfectly!

  17. Eddy Jocom says

    thanks, from indonesia

  18. My best friend, I liked the video very much, thanks you for sharing, stay safe, stay blessed

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