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Is Facebook Going Out of Business?

Is Facebook Going Out of Business?

While some may disagree that social networking is bad for business, the fact is that these social networks receive well over 100 million hits per day. The difference being that corporate America views these social networks as nonprofit businesses.

Facebook alone has over 1 million users internationally as well as the other social networks on the internet. Facebook continues to develop and grow new applications for their users to keep them online and in touch with other users.

They did however lose their CFO whom was hired by MySpace. The reason is strictly unclear as to why this transition happened. However, it is well known that Facebook only has 250 employees and carries a large profit margin on the books.

With more people joining the networks and more applications being developed for the competitor, the forecast that Facebook will not likely go out of business. However, businesses are concerned about advertising on such sites due to the nature of this type of social network.

Business whose advertisement is mainstream used online, fear that the social network applications will not support the efforts of their marketing strategy. Such as a dentist wanting to advertise their business, fear that these types of interfaces will not reach the targeted market.

With well over 100 million users, statistics show that social networks such as Facebook and the others will not go out of business. These types of companies have designed and developed their product to reach mainstream everyday users.

If you log into either website you will see more and more advertisements than ever before. Primarily due to the fact that they are high in demand, there is no cost to the user and a large form of communications from across various countries.

With more families connecting and joining in using these networks to stay in communications with their loved ones, online advertising has thrived. As the site states that it has provided business with a high success rate for very little cost to the company that is advertising.

The website can also filter and target certain age groups along with locations and key words that will post the ad on the website when the user is online. It can target specific products that the companies are trying to target by gender.

There is no reason to believe that this website is going downhill and losing business or is bad for business. Quit honestly it just the opposite. With social networking a daily activity for over a Billion users, companies can target well over a three hundred million people per day.

Track your progress and change your advertisement and adjust your targeted market with this social network. The application is very user friendly easy for any type of business large or small to use in advertising.

If anything, the social network is thriving very well and most likely will score high in revenues. Therefore, no, Facebook is not going out of business. Actually, it’s just the opposite. For a low fee and being able to filter and target and modify your marketing target, that is a feature any business should consider.

Source by Kevin Hutto

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