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Is Search Engine Optimization a Great Mystery to Blog Publishers?

Is Search Engine Optimization a Great Mystery to Blog Publishers?

Search Engine Optimization has become a common phenomenon to all bloggers nowdays. A decade ago, people might not even have heard about it. But things have changed and bloggers have started to account for a major portion of the web. Some people waste them but some know their full potential, use them in the way they should be. Bloggers have started spending majority of their time reading threads about SEO in forums and participating in discussions. But still bloggers feel that they are not able to achieve them.

Many of the Bloggers still feel vacancy in their SEO knowledge. Why is that so? Because they have not made any personal efforts to learn them. I mean they should experiment and try the things that they learn. Without they do that they are certainly not going to come to the top of search engines in turn giving way for spam sites in which perfect optimization is done.

What the bloggers have to do is this: spend time for doing SEO as much as you spend for writing the blog posts. SEO is experimenting and learning. Not just reading in forums. SEO is not stuffing your blog posts with non-competitive keywords searched from Google AdWords website. Yes the keyword research is needed but that is not the main part of SEO. SEO is not about posting blog post links in social sites. And there are huge discussions about Google going to reduce the effect of social bookmarking sites on Google Search Engine results. So just do not concentrate on social bookmarking.

Are you wondering what else is SEO? Let me tell you. SEO is about making Google understand that you are capable of giving the web quality and unique posts. Its about making Google understand that your blog is intended for a specific niche and is not a spam blog. This is why several webmaster insist bloggers on getting relevant links than some sort of a backlink from a non-relevant blog with higher page rank.

Just think practically: If you run a celebrity blog, would you link to a sports website? No. You definitely would not. You would either link to another celebrity blog or a photoblog or a movie website. Here i say SEO is Relevance. Quality and relevant link building makes a good SEO professional. So just starting a blog for money or for personal needs, posting 10 stories and starting to use the social bookmarking sites aggressively is not SEO. Start thinking in the perspective of Google search engine bots and you may certainly conquer the top SERP positions in your niche. Always make sure that you maintain a network with all your niche bloggers. I have seen people denying to contact their fellow niche bloggers and asking for a backlink. Networking is very important for bloggers. Just posting quality stories in your blog is not enough. Marketing is a must. Just do not make it spam. Thats the most important point every blogger must keep in their minds. Remember that Patience is needed for success and nothing else. All the best!

Source by Mohammad M Arshad

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