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Is Your Web Page Design Hurting Your Business?

Is Your Web Page Design Hurting Your Business?

If you’re like me, your website is your income producer; your direct link to your customers. Your website needs to be designed to lead your prospects to your preferred call to action. By offering a professional looking website layout, with an easy means of navigation, you’re more apt to get your website visitors to take action. Of course, you’ll also need to provide the fundamental information about your product or service that they’re looking for.

So, now the big question is; is your web page design hurting your business? In other words; does your website look like your 12-year-old nephew created it for you?

Your website should offer specific parts or web pages, each one having its own distinctive purpose in your sales process. Here are some points to consider:

1) Your headline should get your prospective customer interested in your business offering.

2) Your sub headline needs to keep them interested.

3) A photograph of your product or related to your service can help your prospective customer picture your product or service,

4) and bullet points quickly provide them with reasons why they must have your product or service.

5) Your guarantee should create the proper comfort level…and

6) an easy means to contact you, could be just the call to action that ‘seals the deal’ for you.

In order to gain prospective customers, your website needs to offer several predetermined steps in your sales process. If there is a lack in any of these steps, you stand a greater chance of losing prospective customers to your competition.

Did you know that most visitors to your website will not read the whole web page? Most will quickly scan through the information provided, picking up mainly on the emphasized parts. When you think about it; isn’t that what we all do? If you emphasize the wrong places in your web pages, your visitors will miss the areas you truly need them to see.

Your website should increase your conversion rates. So, if your web page design is hurting your business, perhaps it’s time to seek out a professional web page designer. A trained web page designer knows how to utilize the right elements in the right places in order to get your website the results you’re looking for. Then your prospective customers will be drawn to the specific points within your website that they should see, in order to lead them to your preferred call to action.

Online, your business only looks as good as your website shows it to be. So, if you let someone create your website for you that do not know how, you can bank on it producing badly. My advice to any business is, to make sure you hire a designer that knows how to create an effective website. Also be sure to have your website optimized, otherwise you’ll be wondering why your website doesn’t show up in search results like you thought it would.


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