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Items to Include in a Promotional Gift Bag

Items to Include in a Promotional Gift Bag

Promotional gifts are a great way to advertise your company while also giving people items that they really can use. Some promotional products are best out to people at conventions and fairs or thrown at parades, but in some cases, promotional gift bags can be a huge asset. You can give a promotional gift bag as a cohesive gift to new clients who have opened accounts with your business, to new employees, or to all employees during the holidays. You can also run contests and drawing and give out promotional gift bags as prizes, and it is a great idea to get involved with your community by offering promotional gift bags to organizations who are running fundraisers. But what should you include in your promotional gift bag? Here are few ideas!

First a foremost, you need the bag. Some companies choose simply to purchase gift bags, but another approach is to actually use a tote bag or plastic bag that promotes your company as well. When choosing the bag, remember that you should consider how they will be transported (if applicable). If you’ll be moving the bags a lot, a sturdy bag will be best. If, when you give them out, people will be carrying them around for a long time (such as at an event), look for a bag with heavy handles that won’t break. Keep in mind that the bag you use for your promotional gifts will be the first impression. Wrapping is important, because many people do judge a book by its cover.

What should you put into your promotional gift bag? That really depends on your business! Of course, it also depends on the size of the bag. Make sure that you can lift the bag with all items and without worry that the bottom will break. It should also be easy to carry if needed, without larger items making it difficult to use the handles. Consider that if your bags are difficult to carry, items may very well be thrown away right away due to this fact.

Try to include in your bag a good mix of items. Smaller items like pens and magnets can fill the bottom, while two or three larger items, like ceramic mugs, t-shirts, or Frisbees, can fill the most space in the bag. Include at least one item that kids will enjoy or can use and at least one item that adults will enjoy or can use. This will please everyone and increase the probability that your items will be saved.

Remember that you may need some filler. If you have items that are made from cloth, you can use this as filler. You may also not need filler if your bag is really stuffed with promotional gifts. If you do need filler, tissue paper is your best bet, but make sure it doesn’t hinder people from seeing the wonderful promotional products you’ve included in your gift bag.

Promotion gift bags can really take your promotional items to the next level. Make a “test” bag first with all the items you want to include, and you should be able to see if it will work well or if changes need to be made.

Source by Tina Rinaudo

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