Jackie Chan’s Daughter Etta Ng Refuses To Spend CNY With Mother Elaine Ng


Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan (成龙) hasn’t had the best relationship (or any relationship for that matter) with his daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam (吳卓林). The actor never once acknowledged the daughter he had after an affair with actress and former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei (吴绮莉) and this has been evident after people noticed the differences in lifestyle between his two children.

The 23-year-old has also been estranged from her mother after the two had a fallout over the fact that Etta had a female partner. If you’re wondering if the mother and daughter will have a lovely reunion during this Chinese New Year holiday, that’s probably not happening. Here’s what Etta has to say:


The festive season is upon us and many will take some time off to spend with their loved ones. Unfortunately for these two, it looks like their conflict has yet to be resolved (again). Speaking to local media, the daughter of the two celebs recently shared she will not be returning home to spend the upcoming holiday with her mother.

“I’d rather be homeless and eat stale bread than go home and reunite with my mother,” the 23-year-old said. Ouch! Although the public figure did not specify her exact reasons, it’s not actually that surprising as this is not the first time the two are at each other’s throats. As mentioned earlier, the 1990 Miss Asia winner did not recognise her daughter’s marriage to content creator Andi Autumn.


Source: Guang Ming

Prior to their marriage in 2018, the then-couple took to YouTube to talk about how they’ve been homeless due to having homophobic parents. At the time of writing, Elaine has yet to comment on her daughter’s harsh statement. However, despite their ongoing conflict, Elaine once demanded her former lover respect their daughter.

The mother and daughter did try to mend their relationship a few years back but for the time being, it seems that these two will not be reconciling anytime soon.

Sources: AsiaOne, OrientalDaily, GuangMing

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