Jalan Batang Kali-Genting Highlands route to fully open by May 2024 – slope repair now 38.6% completed


The Jalan Batang Kali-Genting Highlands route is expected to be fully open to the public by May 2024, as repair works are expected to be completed in March the same year. This was revealed by Selangor Infrastructure and Agriculture Committee chairman Izham Hashim, as reported by Bernama.

The route (state road B66) was closed in December last year following a deadly landslide that hit a campsite at Father’s Organic Farm in Batang Kali near Genting Highlands. Later in January 2023, one lane of the B66 was reopened but not to all traffic as only motorists who met certain conditions (working in the Genting Highlands area with a validation letter) were allowed to use the route.

“We started repairing the slopes on May 28, and expect it to be completed on March 29 next year. We will consider reopening the road to Genting Highlands when everything is ready, said Izham.

“We have also researched the appropriate engineering method, and found that the TerraLink wall system design is the most suitable for the conditions of the site, which is quite narrow,” he continued, adding that the slope repair and stabilisation work is 38.6% completed so far.

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