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K-12 Schools Plan To Centralize Services Long Overdue

K-12 Schools Plan To Centralize Services Long Overdue

A recent proposal that Long Island schools should have all operations handled by one agency instead of independently for multiple school districts is a sound one. It will be a less expensive, more efficient way of running the business of keeping Long Island schools running well.

Long Island Schools Need to Find Ways to Cut Costs

Schools on Long Island, as well as schools in general, have reaped the benefits of being funded by taxpayers for years. If they have needed more funding, then it was provided for them. The time has come for area schools to be run more like a business. There is only so much money available from taxpayers and administrators for area schools need to be accountable for how those tax dollars are spent within the school district.

All organizations need to be more fiscally responsible, and Long Island schools are no exception to this rule. By making good choices now about how to use the available funds wisely, more funding can be freed up to maintain and repair school buildings, provide better resources for students, and hire more teachers.

Taxpayers Should Not Be Paying for Duplicate Services for Long Island Schools

Business owners know that paying money for duplicate services is not a good use of company resources. Long Island schools need to operate more like a business than a government agency that has access to unlimited funds; That is not the case. There are only so many tax dollars available and the people supporting Long Island schools are quite reasonable to expect that they should be getting good value for the money they are spending.

Having the same services being performed independently by 56 different districts for schools makes absolutely no sense. Let's get one agency in place to perform those same functions. The money saved can then be used to give students the resources that they need to succeed.

Somewhere along the way, the purpose of having schools in our society has been overlooked. Schools are to educate our young people so that they can become contributing members of our society. This next generation that we are bringing up is going to be lawmakers, judges, and school board officials making decisions for the generation that follows. We need to make sure that they have all the resources that they need to be well prepared for this role.

The tax dollars being used to run area schools are an investment in the students' future. By using those funds wisely, we will be taking steps to ensure that the next generation is well prepared to run our school boards, our businesses, and our government in the years to come.

Source by Patricia Hawke

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