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K-2010, Road to Prosperity

K-2010, Road to Prosperity

K 2010 is nothing new to the world of plastic and rubber trade; this is not only an exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany but an academic gathering of skilful people having a direct say in polypropylene and all the bi products of this family. The world has seen a tremendous achievement by miraculous people of this trade who gathers here together for further innovation of this trade and industry. This is scheduled to be held on the 27 October to 3 November instant year with all its pomp, fervour, elegance and style to mesmerize the participants with the benevolent achievements different people of this trade have brought in for the use in world over.

The new scientific inventions in this trade from moulding to pressing have been achieved by the services rendered by K and are a great feather in their cap. This event is commonly used for furthering the growth in the use of plastic and rubber from an individual to communities at large.

It is believed that Düsseldorf Germany is a perfect connection of business world. A meeting avenue for businessmen, technocrats, entrepreneurs. This exhibition will provide a real chance to the participants to know more charismas of this plastic and rubber. This 18th trade fair of plastic plus rubber K 2010 in Dusseldorf will not only attract thousands of people but will leave a message to the rest of the world that you have missed the chance to be the participants of the plastic and rubber and power.

Plastics Industry is one of the major revenue sources for the Government of Pakistan. More than 500,000MT of plastic raw materials are imported every year, so the amount of import duty and the other direct & indirect taxes, add a sizeable figure in the economy of Pakistan.

Continuous upgrading in this sector and superior quality export production can further add billions of rupees in National exchequers. Plastics industry in Pakistan holds incredible potentials and emerging as a major consumer market globally. All stakeholders in this trade are optimistic that the Plastic and Rubber trade will take a quantum leap in coming years. Plastics industry in Pakistan holds incredible potentials and emerging as a major consumer market globally.

The economy of Germany, Japan, China and Malaysia as it is known today is an outgrowth of introduction of new machinery and innovations. Mr. Ahmad Jamal is a leading industrialist of Pakistan who understands that existing equipment being used by the plastic manufactures will last few more years. Industrialists, commercial importers, manufacturers all should visit exhibitions to promote and interact with other business community of the world.

Pakistan’s energy sector which at present facing a shortfall ranging 2500MW to 4000MW and varies day to day owing basically due to bad infrastructure, cosmetic treatment and unfavorable short term measures and policies of present and previous governments in the energy sector.

In prevailing situation Pakistan urgently needs cost-effective solution to overcome the fast worsening area of energy production and its uninterrupted distribution to the masses and industries.

German scientists and experts in special demonstrations during the exhibition will address the questions as to how the future could look. Special emphasis will be placed on the themes of energy efficiency and resource conservation. In addition revolutionary advancement in the field of packing and preservation of Food, effective use of plastic in communication industry, importance of sustainability in economic development will be the focal areas. Special review will be of interest not only to exhibitors and trade visitors to K 2010 but also to the general public.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for Pakistan’s Business community in relevant field to come forward and attend the event, acquire new ideas and elevate their businesses with contemporary outlook compatible with international standard, improve exports and make Pakistan an affluent industrial state.

Government at its own level, Trade organizations, members of various Chamber of commerce and Industries of Pakistan and Representative of this mega event in Pakistan are optimistic for active participation of Pakistani traders of relevant field Despite the recent natural calamity which had hit the country hard, socially, agriculture wise and economically too.

About 3,100 exhibiting companies and well over 200,000 trade visitors are expected to attend K 2010 in Düsseldorf from 27 October to 3 November. The world’s biggest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry will be occupying all 19 halls of the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, UAE Saudi Arabia and Turkey are prominent exhibitors amongst Muslim countries.


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