K-pop Fans Rally Support For n.SSign Rapper Eddie After Hinting At Discord With Group


While many K-pop groups have shown great teamwork and synergy on stage, the same can’t be said about what happens behind the scenes. Recently, n.SSign (엔싸인) member Eddie (에디) shared several messages hinting at a possible discord between him and his groupmates, leaving many fans concerned.

The issue started when Eddie, whose full name is Edward Solomon Taewon Kim, shared several messages through the idol-fan communication app Fromm. The messages point out potential discord and mistreatment from his groupmates and company. Eddie is part of the 9-member group n.SSign that debuted in August 2023 under n.CH Entertainment. The group recently made a comeback with their 2nd mini album, “HAPPY &”, in April 2024.

SOURCE: TWITTER (@nSSign_official)
SOURCE: TWITTER (@flwaeriin)
SOURCES: TWITTER (@flwaeriin)

Through his messages, Eddie hints that he doesn’t get along with his teammates and staff, saying things like “We aren’t a team. Never was. And we sure as ain’t family”. He also eluded that the group’s bond is merely a facade, writing, “This place, the people, THIS – None of this is genuine”. However, what shocked fans the most was when the rapper wrote, “I can’t take it anymore” and “I’ve had it with them. I’m sorry to tell you this way but I’m done”

The 23-year-old’s messages sparked concern amongst fans and non-fans who fear for his health and safety. Fans also noted that Eddie has since deleted his messages, possibly out of pressure from his agency. Many also began speculating what may have caused the idol’s distress. Fans believe that the young artist may have been overworked but doesn’t have the support he needs due to his relationship with the members. They also noted that Eddie’s family lives abroad, and thus, he may feel isolated and alone.

SOURCES: TWITTER (@flwaeriin)
SOURCES: TWITTER (@flwaeriin)
SOURCES: TWITTER (@nSSign_official)

For now, fans can continue to show their love and support for Eddie. We hope things end positively for the idol, and may he find the strength to overcome his hardships.

Sources: Twitter (1)(2), TikTok

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