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Kettler Marathon ST Treadmill

Kettler Marathon ST Treadmill

Being a long distance runner, I try and mix up my runs between road, cross country and on treadmills. This keeps the workouts varied, stops boredom and means I can train whatever the weather.

I would recommend a treadmill to anyone with any level of fitness. They provide a year round source of exercise and with the latest technology you can easily monitor your progress, whatever your goals may be.

I was recently fortunate to try out the Kettler Marathon ST treadmill. I often compare Kettler to Audi as they both focus on quality as well as design. This treadmill follows the Kettler principles to the letter.

During my test run the thing that impressed me most was the deck itself. It was very well cushioned and although it was only a short run I can see that using the Marathon ST will be much better for you joints than road running.

I am quite partial to good old fashioned manual control but a quick play with the built in programmes has converted me to them. The programmes themselves work on speed or incline intervals or targets that you set yourself. A nice example would be the calorie target programme which allows you to run off your morning mars bar (it took me less than half an hour!)

I popped on my chest belt and actually enjoyed the heart rate controlled programme. Throughout the run the LCD display kept me up to date as I moved closer to my targets.

The key features of the Kettler Marathon ST are:

  • 1.8 HP continuous duty motor
  • 6 fixed programmes or full manual control
  • Integrated Polar chest belt receiver with 1 heart rate controlled programme
  • Backlit blue LCD display
  • Running area: 132 x 48cm
  • Speed 1-16 kph / 0-10 mph
  • Incline 0-12%
  • 120 kg / 18 stone maximum user weight
  • 3 year warranty covering parts and labour

Because of its superb build quality and features I would recommend the Kettler Marathon ST for:

  • Beginners wanting a machine that will cope as they improve
  • Club runners due to its heavy duty construction
  • Those who enjoy running but wish to take extra care of their joints

With a machine of this calibre you would expect excellent after sales service and Kettler haven’t disappointed here. The Marathon ST comes with a full 3 year warranty which covers parts and labour should anything go wrong.

Take a look at the Kettler Marathon ST treadmill. You will be impressed.


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