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Lifestyle Design Tips: Setting Priorities

Lifestyle Design Tips: Setting Priorities

Hey there! I hope everything's going swell on your end as it is in mine.

Have you ever noticed how we Internet marketers forget to set priorities? Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed with how big our ventures have become, how the number of sites that we manage have grown, how many activities we need to accomplish during the day that it can be a very frustrating experience just trying to get everything done.

It's the price that we have to pay for success. As a businessman, you have to be over and above everything in your business. You have to be in control. But you have to admit, this can be easier said than done. Priority setting is something you learn with time and practice. But if you do not have the luxury of experience yet, then here are some tips to get you started:

Take immediate action. Procrastination is such a major productivity killer that most of us do out of sheer habit. Kick it by cultivating the practice of getting things done the moment they come to you. This is particularly true of problems brought to your attention that you can give a solution to right away. When an idea that enables you to lease your biz comes to mind, act on it pronto.

If you need to have a list, then do not put in more than five priorities there. Making lists can be counter productive if you have to put every little thing you need to do for the day. You'll end up spending more time on the easiest and most inconsequential. So take stock of your priorities and determine the top 5 most important that should be done for the day. Then, do not stop until you've accomplished each one.

Divide chunks of your time to accomplish what you wrote on your list. How much time are you going to allocate, uninterrupted, to get these jobs done? Set breathing spaces every hour for you to rejuvenate, walk about or generally just relax so you get new perspectives every time you put your thinking cap back on.

Schedule routine tasks at the beginning or end of the day. You can check emails, file away stuff or read before everything gets too hectic. Meetings with employees can be done near the end of the day once in a week or every two weeks to discuss their concerns or strategy. Without it's an emergency, do not encourage the habit of interference among your team members. Set a part of your day where any concerns they may have which were not addressed in meetings can be answered. Limit these to five minutes at most so only the most vital issues are addressed. It's amazing how scheduling your time this way improves productivity.

Clear your desk of clutter. Too many things there distract you from focusing on what's important. If you do not need it, trash it. If you need to store it in a file cabinet or in an electronic file, do so.

Source by Kevin Hutto

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