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Local Business Marketing Strategies – Tips For Helping a Small Business With an Online Presence

Local Business Marketing Strategies – Tips For Helping a Small Business With an Online Presence

Small service businesses have now been one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The ones who made it, and even increased their business during this time, were the ones that understood the importance of marketing. If you are a writer and understand some basic online marketing principals, this can be a unique opportunity for you to build your own business by helping others.

When you take on the job of helping them to get their name out there and increase their visibility with a web presence, you will first want to see if they can now be found online easily. Many small businesses already have a website or a listing in a directory of some type. However, this does not mean that their prospects and current customers can find them easily.

The Internet needs to be more than just a way for people to find their address or phone number. Instead, think of the Internet as the place to let people know who you are, what you believe in, and how you can help them to solve their problems. The answer to doing this for small businesses is to set up a blog for them.

WordPress blogs are now very easy to set up. You can choose a domain name that represents the business well in their geographical location, as well as saying what industry they are in. The search engines love WordPress because it is very easy to see each page of the blog and index all of the keywords.

You will find that it is fun to set up a site for the business you are working with, and then watch as it climbs the rankings to get to one one on Google and the other search engines. Then you can add more information about the business on other pages that are both free and easy to set up.

Turn everything you write into an article and submit it to the free article directories, such as EzineArticles. This will build the visibility and credibility of the business, as well as add many valuable back links to the main blog you have set up.

Helping these small businesses by marketing for them on the Internet is good for the economy, good for you as you build your own profitable business, and good for everyone who will now be able to find the exact services that meet their needs.


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