Local Woman Looking For Second Wife To Satisfy Husband’s Sex Drive; Offering RM3k A Month


They said if you really love your partner, you’ll do anything for them. Shared via an anonymous posting by the Twitter account @/meinmokhtar, a local woman expressed she wants to find a second wife for her husband.

According to the post, the 28-year-old is married to a 28-year-old engineer who earns RM18,000 per month, but due to his stressful job, he has a high sex drive. The woman said she could no longer handle her husband’s libido, which is why she’s looking for another woman for her husband.


The woman did not list any specific requirements but prefers someone who isn’t a gold digger. She also said she is willing to pay RM3,000 for the woman’s allowance and added that she earns RM6,000, so money won’t be an issue. In a separate tweet, the woman shared more information about her husband, saying he’s rather skinny with average looks, a non-smoker and a quiet person.

The ad for a wife had many netizens understandably intrigued. Many women have also shown interest in the offer, sharing details about themselves for the woman’s reference. Several men have also jokingly asked if her husband is interested in men, trying their shot at the offer. Of course, there are a few skeptics about the post, even discussing whether the husband and wife’s dual income is enough to bear the responsibility of another household.


What do you think about this advertisement for a second wife? Do you think it’s legitimate? And if it is, would you be interested?

Source: Twitter

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