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Logo Design – Essence of Company Branding

Logo Design – Essence of Company Branding

A logo marks unique identity of an organization in the marketplace. In a cutthroat world of competition, marketers need to promote their organizations to withstand through thick and thin. A businessperson should be able to market his organization in such a way so that the promotion leaves an everlasting and positive image of the company. In this way, logo plays an integral part of brand promotion. It is a graphical illustration which is instrumental in portraying unique corporate identity. A logo communicates appealingly the core message, essence and philosophy of the organization. As it is pictorial presentation, it can leave a deep impact on the mind of the customer.

How to use logo for corporate branding?

A logo is used to represent the identity of the organization in an appealing manner. The visuals used for the making of a logo should truthfully reflect the identity of an organization. These visuals may include graphics, textual element and fashioning of all these elements in such a way so as to represent the identity of the organization. Using graphics does not mean that you can use a clip-art or any other photograph. A person can create an image that specifically reflects the personality of the organization. For instance, if you are promoting green and clean environment through the services or products of your organization, you can use a tree full of leaves as an image. A tree with green and fresh leaves communicates the message of the company of promoting the green environment. An entrepreneur can also use a short and crisp tag line or motto along with the logo. Educational institutes create an emblem and use their motto to promote themselves in the society. Colors are used to reflect an identity of the company. Brilliant and vibrant shades make the graphic symbol attractive. You can communicate with your target audiences through colors as they convey meaning in each culture.

Attractively designed logo communicates the character of the organization in a truthful manner. It is used for printing on several types of corporate materials. A logo is also used for advertising and marketing purposes. For creating logos for your business there are many logo software available.


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