Loose metal pipe flies off lorry, penetrates Perodua Ativa windscreen, ends up on front passenger seat


The scene depicted here could have been from a horror movie, except that it took place in reality, and therefore presented a very real risk to life and wellbeing. According to a video posted by Cass Cheng Sook Leng to Facebook, a metal pipe had come loose from a lorry travelling ahead of her vehicle in the next lane; this occurred on January 13 at 1:42pm, according to the vehicle owner.

From the dashcam footage, the metal pipe appeared to have come from the upper section of the lorry, and had lodged itself on the camera vehicle upon impact.

From subsequent photos taken by the vehicle’s owner, the metal pipe penetrated the vehicle’s windscreen and had almost entirely entered the passenger compartment, and the mark on the bonnet suggests that the pipe had first made contact with the bodywork before piercing the windscreen.

Most fortunately, there was no one in the front passenger seat of this Ativa, which had been almost fully occupied by the metal pipe at that point.

The vehicle owner noted that her dogs were in the vehicle with her at the time, however. A search of the coordinates displayed on the dashcam footage indicate that this occurred near the Rawang (Selatan) interchange on the PLUS highway, in the northbound direction.

Travelling in close proximity to other vehicles on the highway, there appeared to be little room for the vehicle involved in this incident to evade, and the dashcam vehicle had largely been keeping pace with the flow of traffic at the time. In any case, having a dashcam installed and operational helps to keep a record of any such incident that may occur, such as this one. It also helps to have a suitable storage medium.

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