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Magento 2 Is An Excellent Option For Online Store Development

Magento 2 Is An Excellent Option For Online Store Development

Magento has evolved as the most popular ecommerce platform and every new version comes with excellent features that promise new ways to meet the challenges of the ever changing ecommerce scenario. Well, Magento 2 is a next generation platform and is built on a robust, modern architecture that is designed to scale as market demands rise. It has an architecture that is flexible, scalable and highly reliable. The features for flexibility and scalability have been amplified and yet the code stability, robustness and reliability have been maintained.

The best practices for modularity have been included so that users get a highly customizable platform to work with while creating unique web stores that meet the requirements of their client base. The platform has been modernized to include new technologies and test automation as well as the removal of extension conflicts.

Magento 2 truly empowers developers to innovate and take complete control of the web store development and implementation. It has just the right features to ensure that all the requirements of a website are met.

The all new Magento has the following features:

A modern tech stack

The technology stack used in Magento 2 is based on innovative PHP frameworks and the latest coding patterns. It widens the scope for development and developers can easily create highly unique web stores with innovative features.

Layered product architecture

A layered architecture separates the business logic from the frontend visual presentation. With this separation of code, customization becomes very easy. It also offers a great model for optimal placement of features and the code in a complex system.

Modular codebase

Adding or replacing any kind of functionality is a very desirable feature for any business. As business grows, the platform should be able to include new features. It must also have the ability to remove some of the outdated features too. The modular codebase of Magento 2 offers developers with exactly this. They can add and remove features and not disturb the basic structure of the code. That’s the power of a modular codebase.

Customizable store branding

Web stores require theme changes as per the seasonal marketing campaigns or discount sales. It is very easy to change the theme of your website and revert it to the original one after the marketing campaign is over.

Extensive and Efficient API’s

It is built to work with third party solutions such as ERP, CRM, CMS. It seamlessly integrates and operates with this software.

Automated and Built in Testing

It has automated built in testing features to reduce the quality assurance time. This helps deliver bug free final products and provides businesses with flawlessly working online stores.

Easier Upgrades make Magento 2 more desirable than any of the previous versions. It helps online store owners to go live quickly. Magento has definitely revolutionized the ecommerce market and provided many online stores with the right kind of features and the right kind of boost that they require to set up successful, profitable businesses.


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