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Magento ECommerce Design Trends to Look For in 2018

Magento ECommerce Design Trends to Look For in 2018

This is beyond any doubt that today, in the case of online businesses, making an impactful first impression is pretty much crucial to stay ahead of the competitors. More importantly, making a good impression on the mobile appearance is highly vital in today’s market. If the visitors do not like the website at the first glance, they won’t give a second thought to leave the website. Hence, devising and designing the website with the utmost care is very important. Website designing trends are evolving with time. 2018 is almost knocking on the door and if you are wondering what latest trends are in the Magento development field are about to make a good impression in this upcoming year, read on.

Negative Space

Minimalistic designs are becoming the latest trend in the Magento eCommerce development field and this trend will continue in the upcoming year as well. Long gone are those days when filling up the page with multiple texts and images were a trend. Today, the scenario is a lot different. Try not to make the page congested by adding too many elements to it. It is advisable to use the whitespace as a part of the page design, let the elements present on the page breathe a bit by keeping the background clear. More importantly, if the page is free of heavy elements, it can load faster that would make the visitors pleased.


Another ongoing trend that would continue in 2018 as well is to use a different kind of font types and sizes in a mix and match style. It is not necessary that you have to follow any particular font style for any particular message. According to some survey, depending on what the context is, texts can portray or convey any idea better than any image. Another benefit of typography is the pages can load faster.


In 2018, you are probably going to see a lot of use of cinemagraphs. This is basically an amalgam of video and image. How does it work? Well, it takes the ease of use from the images and takes the motion feature from the video. Combining these two results in successful and effective cinemagraphs. Some might mistakenly think of them as GIFs, but that is not the thing. If you want, you can integrate such program into it that would make it run only when any particular action takes place such as scrolling. Such cinemagraphs can not only attract the viewer’s attention but can give the customers a 360-degree view of any particular product as well.

Apart from all the above-mentioned trends, the use of card designs, use of animations along with proper use and placement of the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are some of the popular things that are going to rule the market. Other than all these, enhancing the mobile performance and offering the visitors a personalised experience is always effective to boost the business. Hence, it is advisable not to miss out these aspects while going for an online business.


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