Malaysia Airlines offers MYAirline passengers 55% discount


Malaysia Airlines said it would like to help MYAirline passengers to get to their destinations seamlessly and safely.

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines is offering MYAirline passengers a 55% discount on tickets for affected routes after the troubled carrier suspended its operations earlier today.

In a statement, Malaysia Airlines invited MYAirline’s management to work together in reallocating their passengers on the national carrier’s flights where available.

“However, passengers with an urgent need to travel may immediately visit any Malaysia Airlines ticketing office to make their booking and (also) receive 55% off their flight tickets on affected routes by presenting their MYAirline tickets for travel up to November 2023,” it said.

“We are here to assist passengers in getting to their destinations seamlessly and safely.”

Earlier today, MYAirline suspended operations effective immediately because of “severe financial challenges”.

In a statement issued this afternoon, MYAirline apologised for any inconvenience arising from the suspension and said it would provide updates when possible.

It also said it was unable to commit to any timeline on when operations could be resumed.

Numerous passengers have taken to social media to express their shock and disgruntlement with the news, especially as many only found out about it when they were already at the airports.

Two low-cost carriers have since offered special fares for MYAirline passengers affected by the suspension.

AirAsia announced a special 50% discount on base one-way fares while Batik Air is offering all-inclusive special fares.

AirAsia Aviation Group CEO Bo Lingam also said the airline was willing to consider hiring MYAirline staff and encouraged them to reach out to AirAsia.

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