Malaysia Street Food KL Monday Night Market


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🔍 Business name
👨‍🍳 SS2 Night Market (Pasar Malam)


💵 Price

Chinese Crepe
+ Luncheon Meat RM 9/$2 USD
+ Taiwan Sausage RM 9/$2 USD
+ Chicken Floss RM 9/$2 USD
+ Gold Coin Pork RM 9/$2 USD

+ Yellow Watermelon RM 5/$1.15 USD
+ Oyster Omelette RM 13/$3 USD
+ Ai Yee Jelly/Lime Jelly Drink RM 5/$1.15 USD
+ Prawn Fritters RM 5/$1.15 USD
+ Vegetables Fritters RM 4/$0.90 USD
+ Soy Bean Pudding RM 4/$0.90 USD
+ Herbs Salted Chicken RM 20/$4.50 USD (Half Chicken)

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