Malaysia street food | Night market best seller, Apam Balik,曼煎粿.Do u prefer the thick or thin kind?😋



Welcome to Malaysia❤️
The night markets helps to preserve a lot of our traditional foods and brings us newly created foods.
One of our favorite from the night markets is the Apam Balik , 曼煎粿 (lit. turnover pancake)
It originated from China and has evolved incorporating local ingredients.
In this video I showcased two version of this traditional food from two different night markets .

price – RM 5.50 ($1.30 USD)
RM 6.00 ($1.40 USD)

Location – Sri Bintang Night Market
every Saturday from 5.30 pm till late

– 133 , Jalan Kepong Night Market
every Tuesday from 5.30 pm till late

#malaysianfood #streetfood #apambalik #曼煎粿 #traditionalfood #traditionalsnack #pasarmalam #kualalumpur

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