MALAYSIA TAMIL NEWS 10PM 03.02.24 More than 500 foreigners rounded up in op at wholesale market



  1. @sandrasegransandrasegran2902 says

    Mr. Ram what u said is very true 👍 God bless you

  2. @saravanan-pb7oh says

    Ram u apa half dulu Anwar Keluar ada bain info

  3. @user-dw5kk4sd9b says👌your.super.🇲🇾

  4. @user-dw5kk4sd9b says


  5. @muruhananthanmcmohan7709 says

    Kalau mcmni banduan lain pun boleh mintak kurangkan Hukuman penjara…no one is above the law

  6. @sarasvathithamilvanan929 says

    Makamah tutup,penjara tutup,sprm tutup
    Pdrm tutup semua tutup
    Malu betul
    Hakim sprm polis peguam dan lain2 lagi pergi toreh getah lagi baik

  7. @sarasvathithamilvanan929 says

    Undang2 malaysia sangat bagis
    Dlm dunia no 1 paling bagus Undang2 malaysia

  8. @bagavanmaruthamuthu3673 says

    😊😊 pardon board have own decisions

  9. @user-oc5ck1kc6b says

    அடுத்த கைதிகளுக்கு நமது மாமன்னர் இடமிருந்து புது மன்னிப்பு கிடைக்குமா?

  10. @simonalfonso8462 says

    JPJ / Transpot minister Anthony loke. Pls reduce speed of Highway 90mph. & federal highway 79mph.
    Heavy vehicle compulsory on left side. Cars in middle. License automatic
    Ban with prove. Even motorbike.

  11. @ponnusamy6065 says

    Very rare judisery prctice in only in Malaysia!!? M"sia boleh,!😢!

  12. @sriramraju1266 says

    Bullshit ram ..Mr m no 1 pencuri…
    What fuck u n dap do.pls explained
    y never tk action on old man….. 6:17

  13. @roselumi6954 says

    Young grab drivers are cheating. Taking passenger before we get in. Also not stopping at the spot we order and give lame excuse another car coming so I move out .call they don't pick up the phone they also don't call to check heavy rain. But I managed to reach the crab car. Not five min. He said he has taken another car. Crab company cancelled. So many lies he did not look like a Malay he looked mixed like Pakistan. This is the second time this type of problem. Name Mohamed. Bill 7 he asked extra money to go to the gov Klinik. I gave him yesterday. Today I call crab shocked l must pay extra rm 3 fine. Transport minister must check it out. Crab cars when they arrive. A red light or blue light must be on. Winking. Then we know where the crab car is waiting no need for siren. Every time lot if cars parked all same colour. How to find like jig saw puzzle. Just imagine also heavy rain Friday 3pm. How come the fellow has no sense. These people are crab drivers. I forgot the number plate. I think 6192 grey colour car. Name Mohamed. Hope the transport minister care for the people. Young people want to make money fast. They want to move fast. Pls crab car on the light on top of the car so that it will be easier to find the car. Sometimes they park far by the time we walk they say sorry booked another passenger. Call don't want to pick up. They don't call us. They say our phone got problem I never got the call. Why didn't you call no answer. 🎉

  14. Bagaimana umno+dap+lain2=ph tapi ahli 2dap keputusan dan suara tak sama dengan perlembahan ampun bagaimana tiada bincang bersama sebelum ke ….lem ..

  15. @magentharanindran2468 says

    Kedu kedda arasiyal naadagam

  16. @mparaman2397 says

    No Pardon for Pencuri wang Rakyat Malaysia

  17. @MuruganAlagapan-bv9zx says

    U o b not eob

  18. @MuruganAlagapan-bv9zx says

    Semua tipu Malaysia only boleh lari dari penjara

  19. @sachitananda1689 says

    Najib lagi baik .. u orang scam masyarakat India sahaja … Najib Tak mcm tu . Haaa

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