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Malaysia Top 10

Find Out What You Need to Know About Shichida and Heguru Kindergarten

I have heard of many right brain schools available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia and others. Being a mother, right brain education caught my interest as I found out it helps strengthen family’s relationship and it can train my daughter’s creativity. It can also help my daughter achieve her future goals and ambition. I have been wondering how to decide on the best school for my son and would like to share the knowledge I’ve found with other parents. The best time to start right brain education is when your child is between 4 months to 3 years as they use their right brain during that time. Your child is also able to handle a lot of information at an amazing speed. “Shichida Method” and “Heguru” are the two most establ...[Read More]

Penang – Cultural Heritage, Natural Beauty, Hands-On Fun

Penang, a small yet beautiful state in Malaysia, situated on the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. Penang’s strategic location amidst Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia make it a famous tourism belt for South East Asia. This article is about tips where to stay, what to do, what to eat, what kids won’t forget and what parents won’t forget in Penang. Where To Stay Bayan Lepas has become an uprising leisure and tourism precinct in Penang. With development of infrastructure and expressway (Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu expressway) connected to key destinations within Penang, hotels and homestays service in this area have received an increasing demand. Bayan Lepas resides in the eastern coast of Penang island offers a number of leisure spots along the c...[Read More]

Malaysia Arts and Crafts – Wau, a Malay Traditions

Have you ever wonder what is that symbol emblazoned on the tail of all Malaysian airplanes flown by Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)? Although for most people, it is nothing more than just an emblem, it has a huge significance for each and every Malaysian that makes them proud. Known as ‘wau’, it is one of the oldest traditional games in the Malay culture. Dancing in the azure sky, a wau or kite is accompanied by a hummer, which produces various buzzing and purring sounds when soaring upon the wind. There are something mystical about the way this kite defies gravity by swaying and climbing slowly up the sky. Kites are flown after the rice harvesting season is over. People are happy and free to pursue pastimes. A Malay kite combines the best of skilled workmanship, dazzling colour...[Read More]

The Ramadhan Bazaar in Langkawi, Malaysia

The month-long, delightful Food Carnival and Extravaganza is back. With the start of Ramadhan here in Malaysia today, you can find stalls selling varieties of mouth-watering food and drinks for the breaking of fast everywhere in Langkawi from today right up to 30th. September. It is known as the Ramadhan Bazaar or “Pasar Ramadan” in Malay. The bazaars normally will be open daily from 4pm and closes at about 7.15pm ( right before the breaking of fast). The month of Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar, and is a month where Muslims must fast (“puasa” in Malay) from sunrise till sunset. It is a month for spiritual reflection, prayers, and essentially training the body and mind to be a good, righteous, complete and perfect Muslim. Fasting is not onl...[Read More]

Counter Attack – The Best Female Self Defense Technique In Silat

Silat is one of the best martial arts in Asia. It is the official self defense in Malaysia. Many international martial artists visit Malaysia to learn and master this unique martial art either using the traditional or upgraded system. Silat also is known as the best female self defense system in martial arts. Many peoples learn Silat to protect them against villains. Thus, it is important for female silat exponents to know their strength and weakness during silat training to determine the best technique that suite them particularly, in emergency situation. There are many dead techniques in silat. Striking techniques such as rejam (straight punch), sauk (uppercut), siku (elbow strike), lutut (knee strike), tendang (front kick), depak (side kick) and kacip (hand break strike) are very powerf...[Read More]

Malaysia’s Crab Island Famous For Seafood

Malaysia’s Pulau Ketam or Crab Island is not the archetypal tropical paradise with swaying coconut palms and sandy beaches. However, the rustic atmosphere of its villages that are devoid of vehicles, restaurants serving scrumptious seafood, crimson sunsets, interesting aquaculture farms and lush mangrove swamps where colourful mudskippers and succulent crabs lurk are the perpetual draws that have made this island a popular weekend destination for folks in the Klang Valley. Pulau Ketam is nestled in the mouth of the Klang River in Selangor State, and is home to Pulau Ketam Village and Sungai Lima Village, which are separated by primacy forest. The former is the focal point of the island, where zinc-roofed houses standing on stilts is home to more than six thousand residents who are ma...[Read More]

Gambling With The Best

Gambling today is one of the most popular leisure activities worldwide. Who does not want to make a few quick bucks at a risk? The adrenaline rush indeed makes it an addiction for many. Talking of casinos reminds me of one popular online casino which also happens to be one of my personal favorites. William Hill plc is among the largest bookmakers in the UK. It was founded by William Hill when gambling was regarded illegal in Britain. The company operates worldwide and employs thousands of people and has offices in UK, Ireland and Gibraltar. Online casinos today besides offering phone and internet betting on a variety of sports including football and cricket, William Hill offers casino games, skill games, bingo and poker online. Although it is engaged in betting, it prohibits any gambling b...[Read More]

Education in Malaysia – The Cornerstone of National Development

Southeast Asia is undergoing a groundswell of economic development as the world adjusts to a shift in global economic power from west to east. In Malaysia where national identity is strongly rooted in tradition, the country nonetheless has embraced cultural diversity and western-style modernization. The Malaysian government has embarked on an ambitious program of technological development and educational reform as a national priority. The challenges which Malaysians face and the ambitions they hold are not unlike those of their neighbors in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and elsewhere. The forces of tradition and modernity and of culture and religion collide and divide and morph to shape the future of this dynamic region like the massive tectonic plates upon which these countries rest...[Read More]

Another Top Outsourcing Destination in Asia

One of the biggest outsourcing hubs in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is attempting to accomplish higher market shares in the worldwide b2b outsourcing industry. Just located below Philippines, Malaysia has become another foremost outsourcing destination, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting services using telemarketing. This Southeast Asian country is actually home to several international BPO (business process outsourcing) companies which provide exceptional services in generating leads and appointment setting programs on a wide array of business sectors. Lead generation companies leverage on strong database of b2b contacts and telemarketing team to regularly aid clients finding warm and hot sales leads in various industries. Such examples of industries include health care, ...[Read More]

What You Don’t Know About Ipoh Railway Station

Nicknamed the Taj Mahal of Ipoh, the railway station was designed by A.B Hubback, one of the most prominent architects during the British colonial rule. It opened in 1935, making it the second concrete station to be constructed in town. If you have seen the old railway station in Kuala Lumpur, they resemble each other in architecture since they were designed by the same architect. A crowning glory for a city that used to be a major transportation hub, the station was built in the height of tin mining in Perak. Today, the station has improved facilities such as a double track as part of the project that links Ipoh to Rawang, a town near Kuala Lumpur. Many descriptions have been attributed to the station: One says, “The size and magnificence of the Railway Station, with its first class...[Read More]

Enjoy a Tiger Safari in Taman Negara

If you’re heading to Malaysia on a tiger safari, one of the best places to go looking for the Malayan Tiger is the Taman Negara National Park – widely considered to be one of the finest lowland forest reserves in the whole of Asia. Peninsula Malaysia is a fantastic place to discover a wealth of wildlife and enjoy an absolutely unforgettable natural history holiday. This part of Malaysia is home to rolling hills, lowland forest and mangrove fringed coastlines. The recent government interest in increasing tourism and related economic activity has meant that there has been an extensive amount of infrastructure development, making the country far more accessible to foreign tourists. Taman Negara When planning a tiger safari, most people immediately think of India as a destination, ...[Read More]

Ladies Shoes Party In Malaysia – International Shoe Festival Open On April 1st

If the cold weather is getting you upset and you were already in search of the travel places as a holiday destination, have you thought about Malaysia? As you may find out, the country is currently promoting the ladies shoes as a reason for visitors to come visit this place. Malaysia is now promoting shoes as new tourist products, following the success of two international festivals held last year, said Tourism Minister. The idea for promoting the country as a shoe hub stems from the fact that it is the birthplace of one very famous footwear designer: Jimmy Choo. In addition, Malaysia Tourism Minister noted that “Jimmy Choo for Shoe also rhymes”, although we’d like to think there was a little more to this set-up than simple rhyming. Using this as a springboard, the countr...[Read More]

Best Travel Agents for Chardham Tour Packages

Chardham is one of the most sacred pilgrimages as per the Hindu religion. It can be best described as the circuit of mythologies, the journey towards the four abodes of God. On tour to Chardham, you merely go on redefining these two terms most beautifully and differently. The pilgrimage was initiated by sage known as Adi Shankaracharya. He was a great Hindu reformer and intellectual. He started this holy journey in the 8th century with a mission to revive the Hindu religion and chose four different destinations to serve the purpose. These four stops are located in 4 different directions. The locations include Yamunotri (the abode of Shakti Yamuna), Gangotri (the home of Shakti Ganga), Kedarnath (the place of Lord Shiva) and Badrinath (the abode of Lord Vishnu) These holy places embrace the...[Read More]

Child Abuse Cases in Malaysia

Child abuse can be defined as intended or unintended harm to a child by another person who may be parents, relatives or guardians. There are four major categories which are physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. The cases in Malaysia are getting serious; according to Social Welfare Department of Malaysia indicated each year at least 1,000 children in Malaysia are reported as victims. With high statistics of child abuse, children rights are taken away and children also loose the opportunity to live healthy and happily. It is a repulsive issue for the society and it would affect the image of the country. Furthermore, it is a big problem with a serious impact on the child’s physical and mental health, well-being and development throughout their lives. Children should...[Read More]

What Are the Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations?

Some of the countries that are preferred for the medical tour destinations provide all features as well as facilities with lower cost packages. Experts strongly believe that these medical tourism destinations will create a positive impact on the country’s economy and also for the benefits of traders and patients. The phenomenon of the medical tourism destinations would also encourage the investors from the foreign countries who hold interest with those countries. You can find the best service as well as attendance from these medical tourism destinations with low or at least with reasonable price. Several hospitals will have their tie-up with those recreational facilities in order to provide best services to the patients. You can come with your money for the treatment and in case if t...[Read More]