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Home Tuition – A Necessity in Singapore

The education system in Singapore could be termed as one of the worlds leading and notably it was chosen by the British Education Minister Michael Gove, to be promoted as one among the top educational systems in the world. There is also a political ideology in Singapore called Meritocracy, which advocates the principle of grooming and nurturing potential young students for leadership positions. The present education system in Singapore calls for extra effort from the students to come up with meritorious results, does not matter how prestigious or highly acclaimed the school is. This happens because the student to teacher ratio is weaker in the schools, and it becomes very difficult for the teachers in these schools to provide individual attention to the students. According to statistics in...[Read More]

Corporate Taxation – Singapore Vs Hong Kong

A key determinant for setting up a business in a given jurisdiction is the tax regime in force. In this regard, both Hong Kong and Singapore boast of being one of the lowest tax jurisdictions in the world. Detailed below is a comparative overview of the tax system in Singapore Vs HK. Tax jurisdiction Singapore Taxes are levied on a territorial principle i.e. companies and individuals are taxed on Singapore sourced income. Foreign sourced income (branch profits, dividends, service income, etc.) will be taxed when it is remitted or deemed remitted into Singapore unless the income was already subjected to taxes in a jurisdiction with headline tax rates of at least 15%. Hong Kong Taxes are levied on the territorial principle i.e. only on income “derived from or arising in” HK and n...[Read More]

Overseas Travel Insurance Plans – Costs Less and Offers More

Everyone craves for vacations to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones and Indians are no exception. The outbound travel sector of India saw a robust growth this year because international travel destinations are highly regarded-after among Indians in 2015. Obstacles like inflation, skyrocketing ticket price and depreciation of rupee could not deter the wandering spirit of Indian travelers to travel around the world. Over 60% of Indians remain unmoved by the depreciating rupee and are raring to go to travel. However, the rate of availing travel insurance to secure the trip is still dismal among Indian travelers. Young generations prefer to travel to international destinations once a year at least. According to a survey, 90% of these travelers make use of their own savings for overs...[Read More]

OCBC Singapore Fixed Deposit Rates

Are you spending all you earn or even more than you earn? Well be careful with the way you spend your money for without savings you may land in great difficulty in times of emergency. Life can throw you a curve ball anytime so save up for the rainy day. It is essential to save a percentage of your income for the future. There are thousands and one ways to save money. If you have a tendency of spending money as soon as it reaches your hand then fixed deposits may be the perfect savings option for you. The money you put in fixed deposit can not be withdrawn within the term period specified at the time of opening the account. Your money will be safe from your own spending nature and earn a higher rate of interest than savings or current account. At the end of the term period you will get your...[Read More]

New Method of Estimating Loan Eligibility of Buyers of Public Housing in Singapore

In Singapore, public housing usually refers to HDB flats. The term HDB stands for Housing Development Board, which is the statutory body that looks after public housing in Singapore. In other words, these are public housing developed by HDB for the public to own as home. Over the years, Singapore has been recognized as one of the top few countries in the world that enjoy success in its public housing program. Currently, more than 80 per cent of the population stays in these flats. Public housing normally conjure up the image of under-maintained flats accommodated by a lack of amenities in the vicnity. In Singapore, HDB flats are located in housing estates that are well-planned with schools, supermarkets, clinics, hawker centers and even sports and recreational facilities. Residents living ...[Read More]

Enjoy the Comfort and Luxury of Singapore Hotels at Marina Bay

Marina bay is an attractive artificial bay, located in the southern tip of Singapore. It is surrounded by a water front with green parks. Several entertainment centers, with the largest attraction, Marina mall are in the Marina bay. Many Singapore hotels near by the Marina attract lots of visitors. You can enjoy every moment of your stay in Singapore by enjoying the natural beauty of the Marina bay. The water body with lush green parks all around, adds to its beauty. Marina bay has many shopping malls and marketing complexes. Naturally, if you opt to stay in a hotel near this bay, you will get the most enjoyable pleasure from shopping to enjoying the beauty. The giant Ferry's wheel is located in Marina bay. It attracts travelers to have a look of whole Singapore from a great height. It...[Read More]

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Indians

Summer is here, sunshine is here. Holidays are just round the corner and time has come to pack your bags and head overseas. This time you can travel to your heart’s content as travel gets cheaper and there are numerous options to explore. Colombo Colombo is easily one of the most frequented places for Indians. A few hours away by flight, dense Colombo forests and stunning museums are going to leave you spell bound. A Must: Watch out for some great buys in semi-precious stones and therapeutic oils! Singapore We love visiting Singapore! It is home to favourites like Sentosa Island, the Maria Bay and the Singapore Biennale. It is popular for the art, culture and entertainment events hosted round the year. A Must: Be there at the right place at the right time for The Lion King broadway a...[Read More]

The Top Travel Destinations in the World

Singapore is the vibrant and energetic city where the East meets West with the traditional and modern. It is one of the world’s financial centers and famous for world-class shopping, modern architecture and delicious cuisine. The Lion City offers a unique experience for every visitor from colourful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore the city has many other highlights like the Singapore Zoo, the famous Night Safari and the tropical theme park, Sentosa Island. This city has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and great public transport making it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect gateway to other South East Asian destinations. Thailand is a country of beauty and mystery that attracts many travellers to its island resorts and busy cities. The culture, food and warm...[Read More]

Private Tutor and School Teacher in Singapore

Teaching, whether it is private tuition or public school teaching, is a highly respectable and important profession worldwide. Educators play a vital role in teaching the next generation of people and inadvertently creating an advanced society. This explains the relatively high salaries educators earn globally. In Australia, a beginner teacher’s salary is roughly US$41,109, while the average beginner teacher’s salary in the United Kingdom is US$34,488. During a recent admission talk by the National Institute of Education in Singapore, the speaker mentioned that the top income earners in Switzerland, South Korea and Singapore are also teachers. Therefore, educators in Singapore are highly responsible in moulding students’ futures. However, there is a stark contrast in the ...[Read More]

Deserving Tourist Places to Visit on Singapore Tours

If you are planning for Singapore tour and getting confuse what to see and where to go, it is better to plan your tour with one of the leading tour operators. Singapore is amazingly beautiful and so it accounts the maximum number of tourists from across the globe. Its vast stretches of the Sentosa Island with pristine water and soft sands, the man made marvels, modernity showing its splendor in the form of Underwater World and sky-kissing towers, multi-stroyed building, historical monuments and building, exotic tourism attractions, etc contribute together to make Singapore truly an international famous tourism destination. Singapore is blessed with extra-ordinary charm and beauty and so it is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from across the world. It has good number of tourism...[Read More]

Singapore Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tours: Great Way to Explore the City in a Short Time

Although Singapore boasts one of the world's best public transport systems, and getting to almost every place of interest in the city is as easy as 1-2-3, Hop on – Hop off bus tours still make a great option for those travelers who want to explore the city in a short time … This article will show you what the best options are, so you can make the most of your next visit to Singapore, even if it is only for 24 hours. Like any city that respects itself, Singapore has Hop-on, Hop-off double-decker open-top buses that travel in a loop through the city's major tourist attractions. HiPPOtours , one of Singapore's most reputable tour operators, is the company behind these Hop-on, Hop-off buses. Their buses run on several different routes that basically cover most of the ci...[Read More]

Top 3 Must-See Seafood Restaurants in Tampines

Tampines New Town, or simply Tampines among the locals, is one of the busiest districts in Singapore. It is known to be the largest residential area in the country with the population of 216,000 people, living in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats. This area was once abundant with trees called Tampines, hence the name. It has become a residential area since the late 1970's and the rapid growth of this district was unstoppable from then on. Tampines is not only known for its peaceful yet fun neighborhoods, but it is also famous for various restaurants that can be found on almost every corner of the district. These restaurants come in different shapes and sizes, and offer different menu as well (Asian, Italian, French, American, and local recipes, among others). With so many choic...[Read More]

Hospital and Medical Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is the next big mantra in the ever emerging landscape of the global medical tourism industry. Singapore is no longer just the leisure or business destination it used to be till a few decades ago. With a population of about 5 million, a strong workforce of skilled doctors and some of the best state-of-the-art hospitals in Asia, Singapore is fast positioning itself as a global medical tourism hub. Approximately 250,000 overseas patients visit Singapore per year and the hospitals are aiming to increase the numbers manifold. The plan is to serve over 2 million international patients annually and generate USD 5 billion in revenue. Medical tourism can be broadly defined as the service of providing cost effective private medical care packages in collaboration with the tourism industry f...[Read More]

Singapore Holiday: Take A Tour Of The Breathtaking Singapore

Singapore is a fabulous country and even more massive holiday destination. It is one of the richest countries in the world and extremely hygienic and well-maintained. But the great thing about a Singapore holiday is that the country has so much to offer to a random tourist. Singapore packages consisting of exotic beaches, great sightseeing, amazing food and some adventure sports. There is so much to do in Singapore that you will really be spoiled for choice. From exploring the inherent charm of the country to taking part in adventure sports- your entire Singapore holiday will be filled with fun and thrill. Shopping and eating: Singapore is a great destination to roam and explore. If you have a fetish for shopping, then you will love the dazzling markets at China Town, Little India and Orch...[Read More]

Weight Loss, Singapore

Feeling and looking has been like how it has evolved through the past few years. The world of beauty has provided so many standards that a lot of people now would like to look good. That is the reason why the market found so many reasons to attract more people into the industry of looking good with a lot of innovations on beauty products, whitening and skin enhancement, and one big part of looking good, which is weight loss. The best possible way to look good will always include looking fit and trim. And not only this, concerns on health and well-being have propelled the fitness and weight loss industry to be more active with finding ways to solve weight problems, the most controversial of which are diet pills and surgical procedures. Health experts and professionals agree that a sedentary...[Read More]