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Malaysia Travel Guide, Taman Negara – What to Do?

Malaysia Travel Guide, Taman Negara – What to Do?

Before I proceed on the activities that you can do there, let me explain about the park rules. The most important thing is you must have an entry permit to enter the park. Next fishing is not allowed and you can not take photographs without license. So let's proceed with the activities that you could do there in the mighty jungle.

The most popular attraction there is the Canopy Walk. The Canopy Walk is about 45 meter up in the air. The canopy walk was built for research but later open to the public. Any visitor to Taman Negara should not miss the Canopy Walk. Although the Canopy Walk was built with safety but it still scare me as hell. The walking down ladder is crazy man. It even worse than the walk up in the air. I am very glad to step on the flat ground. I think this will be the first and the last time for me. Entrance fees is RM10 for adult and RM6 for child.

'Orang Asli' or the original people are believed to be the early people of Malaysia. They have been living in the forest for the past hundred years. It took 20 minutes boat ride to get to the Orang Asli Cam from Kuala Tahan. The Orang Asli will demonstrate how to make fire. They are also famous with the poisonous dart. The dart is the bullet for the blow pipe which is used in hunting. Do not worry the Orang Asli will teach you to use it.

Next you can spend a night in a wildlife observation hide. There are six hide available in the Taman Negara and they can be reached either by walking or taking the boat. You need to be really quiet to let the animal come out. Among the famous wild animal to be seen are wild cats and wild pig.

So I hope you will enjoy your Taman Negara Vacation .. "Selamat Datang"

(Price of admission is time sensitive and may be vary from time to time)


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