Malaysia’s gold industry cashes in on bullion rush as stock markets tumble under pandemic


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Malaysian goldsmiths and businesses enjoy an unexpected boom as demand for gold soars under the pandemic as buyers seek to invest in what is considered one of the safest commodities.

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  1. Walter Bishop says

    What is an ounce? Could you please add international units to your reports, so the whole world can understand what you are talking about. Not only the US and the Commonwealth.

  2. Sheikh Euphoria says

    Bar or jewelry both have their advantage ….I tried both but I make more profit with jewelry than bars….strange but true

  3. Jacki Miller says

    I'll stick with my turnips and the stalk market.

  4. Test1 Test2 says

    Petanda rega emas akan jatuh lah tu.

  5. Sunil Kumar says

    We boycott things from Malaysia jai bharat 👎

  6. h says

    I can understand everything they're saying cuz I'm malay

  7. Alex says

    ini la yg menyebab kan banyak syarat kwsp , kang kita yg tak dpt kluar duit , kita yang sengsara depa lain semua beli emas….

  8. Zack says

    Patutlah Kedai Emas Penuh Tadi

  9. Salmon says

    And here I am watching Minecraft streamers while eating Maggi every day

  10. frariya urme says

    I would love to save money as gold bars soon

  11. nokia coling says

    very nice

  12. facon akter says

    Lower value if in jewellery

  13. mokless vai says

    the wrong kind of gold fo

  14. Urme Urme says

    .those jewelry maker

  15. mia shagar says


  16. shijan zia says


  17. aloez baki says

    Lower value if in jewellery

  18. nila gazi says

    ..those jewelry maker getting rich

  19. alo farbi says

    the reasons why Malaysian aunties like

  20. alom mia says

    Wow very cool

  21. rani ohidul says

    here they are buying gold

  22. momim nokla says

    I would love to save money as gold bars soon

  23. shakil n says

    Gold bar is better.

  24. hkaicn khan says

    very nice


    Where to find the store

  26. MyJaguar says

    I sold my gold bar before pandemic.. 🤣

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