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Managed IT Services: An Insider Reveals the Gold Standard for Outsourcing Your Business’s IT

Managed IT Services: An Insider Reveals the Gold Standard for Outsourcing Your Business’s IT

Managed IT services are a powerful way for small – medium sized business to manage their IT budget while getting the most bang for their buck. Not only is it a cost-saving opportunity but it allows the business to focus on more prominent issue and further develop their organization. Having a team of professionals on call and a strategized business plan to help you overcome future technical hurdles can be a large contributor to your organizations success.


Business owners are often resistant to outsource their business’ IT infrastructure because they would rather keep it in-house where they can maintain full control, This is very common but not always the best option. Although owners / managers believe that they may be saving money by keeping it in-house, but the business’ payroll and worker’s efficiency are the ones paying. The amount of money spent on an in-house tech can be costly and rarely meet the minimum requirements of your IT security, cloud, software, hardware and networks. IT management services are rarely out of a small – medium sized business’s budget and charge based on the amount of machines that will be using the services. Most providers will offer a flat-rate for their services that won’t change from month to month regardless how many snags your business might encounter. Don’t be duped into paying miscellaneous fees that were not part of the agreement.

Operating smoothly

By outsourcing your IT, you dump the burden of having to stay vigilant 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting your companies IT problems that can arise at any time. Managed IT service providers deliver peace of mind knowing that qualified technicians and engineers have everything under control. Streamlining all of your business processes relieve your company of daunting IT maintenance so you are able to focus on your business’s critical and core processes to do what you do best.

Team of professionals

When hiring a IT service provider it is essential that you are hiring the right guys for the job. Make sure that the services providers have a track record of quality service and know what they are doing. This can be done by look at credibility indicators such as reviews, testimonials and authority badges like BBB, awards, etc… The benefits of having a team of IT experts behind your business is that they will have extensive knowledge in all areas of IT that affect business like cloud, hardware, software, networks, exchange servers and repair. It would cost a substantial amount to hire one, two, even three technicians depending on the size of your business to cover all the bases that are essential in running a business. Make sure that they offer 24/7 monitoring, this will help your business avoid future IT snags before they occur.

Strategic plan

A managed IT service provider makes sure your business’ IT infrastructure up-to-date, healthy, efficient and effective. An exceptional IT service provider will go the extra-mile to see your business flourish. They will work with our clients to make their job easier by implementing the newest technology, software, apps, etc… They will learn about your business and work with you to make sure that the services that they provide best support your current IT setup and future operations / long-term business goals.

Technology for the future

Trying to keep up with technology is no easy task when you must be extremely knowledgeable in an array of topics in technology that relate to your business’ processes. Managed IT services usually use the best technologies, hardware and software to deliver the highest quality of IT solutions for their clients, but will they charge extra for your business to stay current? Do not settle for a business that charges you to stay current, that is what you are a paying a flat monthly fee for. Staying in the loop will not keep you out of the game; Most upgrades to your business’s IT infrastructure are done remotely with little or no impact on your current business processes.


IT services centralize most of your data and processes on a network that is accessible anywhere that you or any person with authorized access has an internet connection. This allows staff / members to access applications and data at any time of day or location which is useful if you need to pull up reports, information or just forgot to bring a contact with you on the go. Expect your business’s IT platform to be accessible from all devices that your business may use.

Standard features that come with an IT systems management package:

  • Virtual private server hosting
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Desktop PC technical support and maintenance
  • Managed security of networks
  • Application development
  • Business continuity plans


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