Marketing Strategies For Beginners and Existing Businesses


Are You Looking For A Way To Grow Your Business?
Basically, the earlier ways for businesses to make money was to find the right location, examine the buying habits of their customers and cater to the needs of the communities in which they do business. Depending on the size of a company, Business Owners used direct mail, rented door to door salespeople, circulated business cards, and used telemarketers who phoned prospects to advertise a product or service. Large businesses used surveys to collect the demographics of various towns, cities, states and even nationwide in order to identify their target market. Nowadays, businesses like to take advantage of online marketing as an advertising strategy.

Why Own Your Own Website?
In today's Global economy, it can be to the benefit of any company to own its own website. In some cases owning a website can make the difference between success and failure. Placing an Ad in the yellow pages can be enough exposure for other businesses. It depends on their location. Owning a website makes the match between what a consumer is searching for and what you have to offer more accessible. Consumers can already see what they're looking for, make comparisons and hopefully make a purchase. Products and services that get discovered on the internet can reach a much larger audience than marketing to people in your local area or within the surrounding territories.

How Can Owning A Website Improve My ROI?
In online marketing, Business Owners or a marketing team have a choice. You can either use free ads or paid ads to promote a product. A free Ad can be posted individually either on or offline. Free ads are banners, blogs, articles and images that you create yourself; post and publish on a blog. Identify your keywords. Then submit your keywords to search engines and tag them on your website. This way the same words chosen within the title of a document will be targeted through the body or content of an article by search engines. That way people who are searching for a particular service or product will be able to find your website after it goes viral on the internet.
Some examples of search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Written content on a webpage should be an exact match of what a consumer is searching for on the internet. Visual information in the forms of pictures and images helps the visitor to identify what they want in a product or service. Another source of information on the web is Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. The online social community allows Business Owners and Marketing Teams to develop a close one on one relationship of trust and continued communication with your followers. The growth potential of reaching a targeted audience is endless through social media; where you invite users to view your website.

YouTube videos and film-slide presentations are other ways to communicate a message about a product that you are promoting. Links or URLs are listed below the videos that take the viewers to your webpage once they clicked on. Online videos receive an increasing number of viewers every day. After a video or presentation is created online. It becomes a source of free advertising; that can receive thousands of views each day.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning A Website

Some advantages of owning a website are:

It is easier to sell digital products.

Customers no longer have to travel to your location when they shop.

Subscription forms are installed on your website where users can leave their contact information, which gets collected into your inbox and is called a lead.

A website can be used to advertise your business to prospects within your local area or to a global audience.

Online subscription forms are more likely to be filled out. And are not submitted in the mail. Here, they save a lot of paperwork.

The physical location of a business is no longer important. Since, websites allow companies to store their products in warehouses, collect online payments and drop ship them to their destinations.

A small business owner can operate with no employees and no overhead until their company expands.

Some Advantages Of Not Owning A Website Are:

The Sales Associate is the shopper's first point of contact while in the store.

One-On-One contact is the best way to close a deal either in person or while ending a phone conversation.

It does not take long to gain trust while speaking to another person.

Cold-calling prospects on the phone can be to your advantage. Because you are forging the recipient to listen to what you have to say about a product or service.

Mail orders are an effective marketing strategy. Because, when a letter or postcard arrives in the mail. The recipient is anxious to open it and read it. They want to see what is inside of the envelope.


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