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Marketing Tips & Advice For UK Builders – Unleash Your Joint Ventures

Marketing Tips & Advice For UK Builders – Unleash Your Joint Ventures

Having one Joint Venture partnership could transform your business forever, you and all the rest of us are continuously looking for ways of marketing our businesses, getting lists of potential customers, emailing, advertising, phoning, etc but what if there was a place where we Could go to get immediate access to the same types of customers that we need.

There is, and they are all over the place, there are many non-competitive businesses that have lists of happy customers and you need to tap into the relationship they have with their customers.

How are you going to set up a Joint Venture Partnership?

Follow these steps:

O Ask yourself, who has a list of people you could offer your services to?

O When you have a list of a few possibilities you can then approach them with your offer.

O If you already have a list of happy customers you could offer a swap, your new JVP tells their customers about your services and you tell your customers about your new JVP services. This is a win win situation and you should both do well out of it.

O When you approach the JVP it would be a good idea to have a letter already prepared to show them what you had in mind. The letter would be from you to your existing customer introducing the JVP, this shows you have put some thought into it and that you are serious.

O Here is a tip, the letter that your JVP sends out (which you will write on their behalf) introducing your company to their customers needs to include a very good offer to be really effective, you do not even need to make that much profit On the first sale, if you do a good job these new customers could be customers for life and a talented of extra customers like that could make all the difference.

O Imagine having a nice of JVP telling their customers about you.

O If you do not already have a list of customers you could offer your new JVP a nice commission on every sale that is generated, the larger the commission the more likely they are to make the effort.

Most Builders have not even heard about Joint Ventures, this one form of marketing could have been more powerful than all of your other marketing put together.

UK Builders – Do you want to discover strong marketing strategies that will help you grow your profits?

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Source by Leonardo Wood

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