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Marketing With Video Online – 4 Strategies

Marketing With Video Online – 4 Strategies

When Google bought YouTube, marketing with video marketing became critical to online success. Whether you're looking to build a list of customers / prospects or sell a product / service, Google loves video.

All you need is a webcam, microphone and software – products readily available at your local Best Buy, Walmart or online.

This article assumes you already have a presence on the Internet, a web site of your own or an affiliate page selling someone else's products and services.

Your purpose is to drive traffic to that web site.

Strategy 1. Video Lead Capture Page

A lead capture or squeeze page is the simplest web page you can create. Its purpose is to capture the name and email address of your visitor, so that you can later introduce products and services to them.

Keep it short. Ideally the entire page should be visible by the visitor upon arrival, or at worse, take a few scrolls down the page to read the text. In newspaper parlance, the screen and, preferably, the opt-in form should be "above the fold." The text may be below, but should be short, repeating as bullet points the main content of your video. While you may have seen lead capture pages that shout out at you with loud music and special effects, I do not recommend them. When I encounter one if these, my first impulse is to hit the delete button.

An effective video is not necessarily professional looking. On the contrary, the more informal, person to person you make it, the more likely people will respond.

You are the star of your own video. It's a chance to allow people to get to know you, like you and trust you. That's what will compel them to give you their name and email. Simply tell your story and what you have to offer them.

Strategy 2: Your Sales Page with Videos

Sales pages can be long. Anyone interested in your product or service will want all the information they can get before they buy. While it is primarily text, a video at the beginning giving an introduction to the page can be very effective. In addition, introducing video clips in between the text, breaks up the look and feel of the page and gives the viewer additional insights into what you have to offer. But, remember, people like to buy; they do not like to be sold.

Your sales page should not be salesy. It should give people a list of the benefits that they could expect when they purchased your product or service. The secret to good copy writing is closing your eyes, leaving yourself behind and getting into someone else's mind, so you can finish the statement "If I could just …"

However, you do not have to be a good copywriter yourself. You can learn through the many information sources on the Internet or you can outsource your copy writing to a professional writer. This is where a professional can benefit you, so do not be afraid to spend a few bucks.

Strategy 3. Video Testimonials

Testimonials have been a plus for online business since the beginning. Adding video increases the effectiveness of a testimonial. If you have customers, offer them a free gift for their testimonial. If they can give it via video, all the better.

If you are just starting a business, then pass out free samples to your friends and associates, Then get their testimonials.

Strategy 4. The Video Sales Page

This trend is the newest. I've only seen it done once, but it will catch on.

A word of warning. Do not try to do this unless you are a good speaker and have experience in writing sales pages. Instead of writing a text sales page with videos, you produce all your content on a video. It becomes your sales page.

If you have experience and can pull it off, this marketing with video guarantees results.

© Gloria Reibin January 27, 2010


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