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Marketing Your Nail Salon for More Nail Clients!

Marketing Your Nail Salon for More Nail Clients!

While you need to make your nail salon business stand out in front of potential new clients, keeping your existing clients coming back is also important and unless you're retaining existing clients, you are wasting your money on advertising.

Always make your clients feel like VIPs, keeping good records about their service history. Gotting down small details such as how they prefer their coffee and partner / children / pet's names can make all the difference. You can refresh your memory quickly and make them feel important enough for you to have remembered.

Making a client's next appointment before they leave is a good practice to get into and offering a reminder call or SMS service a couple of days before appointments fall due can make people more inclined to book in advance.

Explaining to them that you will need to do their refills or maintenance of their chosen style within a certain time frame can pave the way to them making their next appointment and the addition of a loyalty card with a rewards system makes it all the more attractive for them to return.

Now you must turn your attention to gaining new clients.

A great starting point is to ask existing clients for referrals. You could even develop a promotion that rewards them for introducing new clients.

Creating a photographic portfolio of your work is a great way to show off your creativity and versatility, and gives your clients ideas to choose from. You will also have a folder full of your own photos to use for your advertising and promotions. Use your window space to display some of them. Create a website and add details of your services and use the photos to show off your skills.

Think about submitting articles or tips to your local paper to show your expertise. Perhaps sponsor a neighborhood group or offer a free class at your local neighborhood house on how to paint nails.

The more people see you and talk to you, the more they remember you when they need their nails done – so network, network, network! Look for local business groups such as a Chamber of Commerce. Visit the local council and ask what promotional opportunities they can offer.

Get out amongst the locals, attend community events and use the internet as much as possible. The net is a relatively low cost medium and you can do many things to increase traffic to your website, including social media networking through websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Like a promotion you've seen another business running? Why not tailor a similar one to suit your own business? Or if you're ever stuck for a new idea for a promotion, simply go through the calendar and think of a salon campaign that relates to the next big holiday or special event.

Marketing your business does not have to cost you a lot of money. If you put some thought into it you will find clever ways to stand out in the crowd.

Source by Patricia Rock

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