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Exporting to Colombia – Challenges, Opportunities and Entry Strategy

Right after Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America. It is one of the only countries in South America with two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean. This provides global investors with a great shipping advantage. It also has had a steady economic growth and a moderate inflation which makes it a promising market for exporting to Colombia. Also there are five distinct commercial hubs in the country. With all this positive points, it stands as the latest and emerging market providing global businesses a great opportunity to venture out into. Here, let’s discuss how to export to Colombia – the challenges, opportunities and strategies: Challenges: • Existing government framework requires open bidding and public tenders. ...[Read More]

How to Make Money Online Through Content Marketing

Have you ever thought of earning an extra income? The next question will always be how. But here is how to make money online through content marketing. What is content marketing and how does one make money through this method? All these questions have got answers in this article. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain customers and ultimately drive profitable customers action. Content marketing is preferred to internet marketing since it is the internet marketing of the present and future. Many businesses are moving towards internet marketing. There are many benefits of content marketing. Content provides consistent value to your audience Create an informative website, fill out your social profile this...[Read More]

Why Creating Great Content Is The Only Online Marketing Strategy You Need To Follow

When you hear the words “online marketing”, what comes to your mind? Social Media? Facebook? Search engine optimization? Blogging? WordPress? Or maybe you think about online advertising, pay-per-clicks, and search engine marketing. I believe there is one word that everyone thinks about when they hear the term “online marketing”, and that word is “difficult.” Online marketing is difficult. Have you ever talked to a marketing guru about online marketing? Don’t they all give the same, vague, generalized advice when it comes to online marketing? First, they tell you to hire a SEO firm, then they tell you to blog, then they tell you to use social media, and after you’ve done all of this, they tell you that you’ll start receiving traffic to y...[Read More]

The Basic Strategies Of An Internet Marketing Company

In the past few years, online marketing has changed in a dramatic way. With the release of new Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, many of the website owners were scrambling for their site's ranking as it was slipping. But these updates were not destructive for all the online marketers, those who already hired an Internet marketing company who built a strong foundation for their clients by following white hat Internet marketing practices. So, it is very necessary for every Internet marketer to understand all the basics of an Internet marketing strategy that is used to market a product or service online. The basic online marketing strategies include: Search engine optimization: When people think of Internet marketing and the search engines, SEO is usually the first thing that comes to ...[Read More]

Internet Marketing Strategy – How To Find Your Customers & Reduce Their Anxiety

In this internet marketing strategy, it is about how to find your customers and reducing their anxiety. When you want to start selling your own products or service, you have to find out how you’re going to find your target market. And with that target market, in order to make the most out of your products, you have to reduce their anxiety, because customers fear to place trust into your judgement and your product unless they have enough proof or evidence to show that yoor product or service is worthwhile. Now, to find your customers, for example, if you are promoting a step-by-step e-book on how to lose weight, find out the popular keyword or keyword phrases your customers might type into the search engine box when they are looking for a weight loss product. You can use the free Yaho...[Read More]

How to Create An Internet Marketing Strategy

Online and brick-and-mortar businesses require online marketing strategies. A comprehensive online marketing strategy can start or increase sales considerably for a business. Internet marketing takes an understanding of social media, SEO (SEO), blogs, mailing lists, internet affiliate marketing and even more. If you do not recognize these terms already, you may want to find out more about Internet marketing. If you are prepared to release a business or something, you should research then, create and monitor an online marketing strategy online and also in print. Browse the steps to discover how exactly to create an online marketing strategy. Steps 1) Study your competition. Research them from their site through their sales procedure, including their advertising strategies. Identify days gon...[Read More]

What Is the Benefit of Social Media and Digital Marketing?

For the lives of today’s generation, social media has actively become an important part. With the advent of time, it is continually evolving and growing. People are very much attracted towards the marketing through which they can explore and expand their business. It is considered as the most accessible and accurate medium to find the survey of your business, as it has completely changed the pattern of interaction between business and its customers. Throughout the marketplace, it has become the most innovative tool that can be used on various platforms like public relations, marketing or customer service. Most of the business owners are utilizing their time of social media and digital marketing for the increase in traffic and sales of their respective business houses. Also, 90% of th...[Read More]

Tips For An Awesome Video Production

Videos are now the preferred medium for communication in this digital age. This trend is expected to grow in the coming years. Experts predict that videos will drive more than half of the traffic online by 2019. If the number of YouTube subscribers is anything to go by, this prediction will prove to be true. Video Production Is a Necessity What does all this mean for your business? For one, you can’t risk not taking advantage of the power of audiovisual content. However, it’s important to note that not all videos warrant the attention that the creators hoped for. There are billions of videos on YouTube, but only a handful of them get millions of views and shares. It’s clear that there is something missing in the videos that don’t get attention. Getting the most out ...[Read More]

10 Services You Can Expect From a Reputed Digital Marketing Company

When you select the best SEO Company to handle your digital marketing strategies, it needs to be well experienced in all aspects of this very competitive environment, especially if they are to deliver you the goods, at the end of the day. Innovative digital marketing The digital media industry is always on the lookout to bring in new technology and with it technologically advanced personal communication equipment like smartphones, iPod, tablets, notebooks and other hardware. Social media marketing Social media marketing circles encompass a very wide spectrum of social communication networks, among which the most prolifically used are Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms. These social networks integrate millions of search engine or internet users who engage in social activities at...[Read More]

How Customers Are Using Their Money to Vote for Impact

Are you giving customers a good reason to spend their money with you? It’s an important question. Chances are, your product or service is similar to someone else’s. Even if it’s unique for now, if you’re successful, it won’t be for long. We’re in a changing marketplace. It’s not enough to provide an excellent product or service. It’s not enough to tell a great brand story, to engage people with emotion. Though these things remain important, buying has taken on a new dimension. People want to know that their money is doing some good in the world. Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, the people making the buying decisions increasingly want their purchases to make a difference. Whether it’s millennials, seeking to put their ...[Read More]

Key Ingredients To Make A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing of products and services over the World Wide Web by using digital technologies. It has become essential in today’s time because it helps to accelerate the success of your business and allow you to win the marketing war against your competitors. To win this competition, you have to start thinking like a player, so, that you can make every step to the winning end. If you are new to the internet and not well-aware of its tactics, so, you can take professional Digital Marketing Services from a reputed company. You can include all below-mentioned ingredients to make a successful marketing plan that helps to beat the competition. Set A Goal: If you actually want to make a winning strategy, so, first of all, you have to set yo...[Read More]

Why You Should not Be Afraid of Video Marketing

You've no doubt heard about video marketing campaigns. They're all over the place, especially on social media platforms. It's perfectly understandable, as well, with majority of most market populations spending a great deal of time on these social media platforms, especially Facebook. Given that it's a reliably new tactic in terms of content marketing, there still lie doubts in terms of its effectiveness and safety of its possible impact on your budget. Here are some reasons to help you see just why investing in videos for your business could be the risk you'll be glad you took. Numbers Do not Lie With marketing having much of a trial-and-error nature, statistics are definitely not to be ignored. They're a great compass for telling whether a certain strategy is too ...[Read More]

Internet Marketing Strategy- 4 Core Approaches – Basic

The Internet is such a huge part of our world and though marketing has been around for decades, Internet Marketing seems to be difficult for some to break into. There are many approaches one could use. Remember that when marketing on the Internet it is virtual the same as marketing on TV, radio or the newspapers. It’s all about your audience. I will focus on 4 core approaches that I believe are the easiest and simplest to begin your Internet Marketing Strategy. 1. Build your list. This can’t be stressed enough. To market to anybody you have to be aware of who your targeted audience is. You don’t want to try to sale a Scooter chair on Myspace. There aren’t too many youth who will need a Scooter chair. And I don’t think Grandma is going to be on Myspace. Underst...[Read More]

Content Marketing – What Is The Hype All About?

Some people somehow seem to know the secret sauce behind the success of companies. Businesses lack momentum Trading in the stock market, we often witness companies going down the growth chart or lacking the momentum. Have you wondered what are these factors that help a business to thrive in the market? Some people somehow seem to know the secret sauce behind the success of companies. People like Bill gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs have had an extraordinary career in building their business. The question we are currently dealing with is what to do when businesses lack the momentum to propel forward. Content marketing agencies give life There comes a savior during times when your business needs nostrils to breathe. Those nostrils to breathe are content marketing companies. May be you are a...[Read More]

5 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Whether you have a small business or a startup, you can not disagree with the fact that social media is an essential part of marketing strategy. Anything going wrong on social media can have a negative impact on your business. Here, we're introducing the five best ways through which you can make your social media marketing strategy work: – Proper Planning Many small business owners think social media marketing is simply creating an account and sharing regular updates. However, when they do not get any positive response, they give up straight away thinking that social media does not work. Conversely, the reality is that they did not make a real plan. Social Time Scheduling In social media marketing, the time and the frequency chosen for posting are important. You will have to keep...[Read More]