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The Future of Digital Marketing: Five Trends to Leverage a Small Business Opportunity

Jameson General Store was a historical treasure in the small North Carolina Community. Jim Jameson, the owner, had been part of the family legacy over 100 years old. The company had seen bad times, including The Great Depression. However, their hard work and customer loyalty had sustained the company's success. Even when a neighboring community got its Walmart's Marketplace Store, their customers remained loyal. Jim did not believe in utilizing online advertising and social media platforms. He believed that these activities were only a fad. Yet, their customers initially started shopping online because Jameson General Store was limited in its product offerings. In fact, most of the business that Jameson Store lost was not to local competitors, but online sellers. Jim was adamant ab...[Read More]

Cambodia Calls on Indian SMEs

For years, Cambodia has lived under the shadows of its economically superior neighbors-Malaysia and Thailand. This Southeast Asian country has made a gradual transition from an agro-based economy to an emerging manufacturing hub of Asia. Its open economy, investment-friendly environment and unexploited commercial avenues are appealing to the Indian SMEs to explore business opportunities in this largely untapped market. View of the past … In the 1990s, Cambodia initiated efforts to promote industrialization across sectors. This strategic move received a major jolt in 1997-98 when the Cambodian economy went through its worst crisis. Economic activity in the country plunged to a record low and prospects of achieving financial prosperity became bleak. A major turning point came in 1999 w...[Read More]

What It Means to Be Boss Chick

More and more women are becoming leaders today. Even in the home an increasing number of women are becoming the primary decision makers on pertinent matters, particularly investments and money management decisions. You will note that even in the workplace women in leadership roles are on the rise and more and more women are becoming what this era refers to as Boss Chicks. The making of a Boss Chick is not something one attains with money or through membership, it is something that takes place on the inside. This “thing” that “becomes” within a woman creates a powerfully magnetic ray and in turn commands others to pay attention, take notes and give respect. While Michelle Obama is the epitome of a Boss Chick, it does not mean that without such a prestigious position ...[Read More]

Information Security Management System: Introduction to ISO 27001

Current Scenario: Present day organizations are highly dependent on Information systems to manage business and deliver products/services. They depend on IT for development, production and delivery in various internal applications. The application includes financial databases, employee time booking, providing helpdesk and other services, providing remote access to customers/ employees, remote access of client systems, interactions with the outside world through e-mail, internet, usage of third parties and outsourced suppliers. Business Requirements:Information Security is required as part of contract between client and customer. Marketing wants a competitive edge and can give confidence building to the customer. Senior management wants to know the status of IT Infrastructure outages or info...[Read More]

Feasibility Study Components

A feasibility study is created in order to minimize risk and to ascertain the viability of a project. As soon as it is certain that a specific project could be carried out profitably, it is only then, that it could be implemented. It is not merely an investigation but at the same time a plan or a framework on how the operation of a business project shall be accomplished. A feasibility study contains five major components namely: marketing study, technical study, management study, financial study and social desirability. During marketing study, the researcher must determine if there are sufficient demands for the product as well the competitive position of the firm in the industry. Sale projection for the project must also investigate as part of market study. The manufacturing process, plan...[Read More]

Functions Of Excise Authorities And Customs

The customs and excise authorities assess and collect the customs and excise duties levied by the government as an important source of revenue. The customs and excise authorities that the amount of certain imports does not exceed the quota or limit allowed to be imported within a specified period. Quotas are imposed to protect the local manufacturers from foreign competition and only a limited amount of foreign goods will be allowed into the domestic market to compete with the locally manufactured goods. One of the functions of the customs is to keep statistical records of exports and imports to and from foreign countries to indicate trends in respect of quantities and values traded. Customs declaration forms have to be completed for goods imported and exported, whether dutiable or non-dut...[Read More]

Exploring the World of Data Science

Data science can be a vast subject and one cannot cover it in a single go. But then let’s try to understand it in a very simple and easy way. Every corner of today’s world is brimming with data in its raw form. When you are shopping, taking a medical test, watching a movie or show, using the internet or taking an examination. Everything is giving birth to loads and loads of data. But why is this data so important? Science is when one tries to understand anything using scientific tools. And data is a set of qualitative and quantitative variables regarding any subject. So comprising both these definitions one can say that; data science is a field where data is used as a raw material and then processed using scientific tools to extract an end result. This end result helps in incre...[Read More]

Life Purpose – How Do We Define Our Success in Life?

What does it mean to have a life purpose, how would others define their own life purpose? Why do some connect with their purpose and others do not? Why do some people never even believe that we are all here for a purpose and place judgments on those that do? How does leading a life ‘purposeless’ differ from living a life ‘ on purpose’ and holding it as a central guiding marker for life direction? Your values are what make you, you, the pillars of your life, does living your life purpose contribute to holistic well-being? A good place to start to define your life purpose is with a definition: The Encarta Dictionary English U.K definitions relating to ‘purpose’ that stood out for me are as follows; ‘Purpose’: Reason for existence, ‘the re...[Read More]

Richness and Reach – Implications for the Internet Entrepreneur

The concept of richness and reach as illustrated by Evans and Wurster in “Blown to Bits” (1999) has been a major contribution to our understanding of Internet business strategy. This is the argument in a nutshell: The economics of information and the economics of physical things differ fundamentally from each other. When a tangible good is sold, the seller does not own it anymore. When an idea, software or a research paper is sold, the seller still possesses it and could possibly sell it once more. Information can be replicated without any noteworthy cost and can be distributed over the Internet at a very low cost. Other than information, tangible goods are location-based and many times wear out. In the traditional economics of things products are subject to a universal law ...[Read More]

Public Speaking – How to Get on the "Speaking Circuit"

“I have to get on the public speaking circuit.” As a professional speaker, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that exact phrase from people who would like to add public speaking as either their main or a supplemental source of income to their business or career. I have been professionally speaking in many capacities since I began my career in 1992, always in front of audiences for one thing or another.  So people naturally ask me all the time, “How do I get on the speaking circuit?” Here’s the thing.  It’s a big secret we speakers keep to ourselves so we know when we’re talking to a fellow speaker or just someone who thinks they may want to be on stage somewhere someday. There IS NO speaking circuit. None. Zippo. Zilch. Na...[Read More]

Technical Writing – Definition of Boilerplate

From a tech writer’s POV, boilerplate is any text that can be reused (sometimes called re-purposed) in a number of different documents without much change from the original. It’s copy a client often supplies that includes information about an organization’s history, facilities, or capabilities. Since these things don’t change, or change very little, there’s no point reinventing the information every time it’s needed. All the writer has to do is update and refresh the boilerplate and put it in where it’s needed. From a programmer’s POV, boilerplate is sections of code that have to be included in multiple places in a program with little or no change. It’s also used to refer to languages that are verbose; when a programmer has to write a l...[Read More]

What is an Ezine? A Brief Introduction

Although it can be defined in many ways, an ezine is basically an electronic magazine publication distributed via the internet. The term is often used interchangeably with “newsletter” due to their similar methods of delivery and overall purpose. Generally speaking, it can be centered around any topic the publisher chooses and obtains readers through consensual subscriptions. It is estimated that thousands of ezines are currently circulating throughout the internet everyday. Benefits of Ezine Publishing An ezine can help you establish an online presence and maintain continuous communication with your audience. More importantly, it can be a key revenue driver that enables you to enjoy a profitable and successful business. It makes a great way to build a quality list of subscribe...[Read More]

3 Key Tips for Modern Businesses Moving Into Foreign Markets

Putting your business on the international stage is a big step for any owner. Global markets are by definition more competitive, requiring greater financial input and a level of knowledge far beyond one’s domestic environment. Anyone thinking about engaging in such an undertaking would be wise to follow a few helpful tips discovered by other global entrepreneurs. Moving into the international sphere is no easy feat, but by taking the time to research and adjust to your new territory you have a far better chance of achieving multi-national success. Accurate Website Translation In today’s increasingly wireless market place, website translation is a key step in finding your client base in a foreign country. Though there may be a whole host of differences between nations (which is ...[Read More]

What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret

It is natural to hide one’s source of success. The tendency to make the source secret is even high(er) when it comes to money-making. That is why the rich would not like to disclose their financial-success secret. But the good news is that there is revelation of the whole secret in this text entitled “What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret”. Brian Sher, the author of this text was born in South Africa, and moved to Australia in high school. Sher obtained a degree in Marketing from the University of New South Wales. His subsequent business travels overseas aroused his interest in consultancy, and after spending two years in Los Angeles, he returned to Australia and formed his own company, specialising in marketing and business-growth strategies. Working ...[Read More]

Technical Writing – Definition of Brainstorming

Good tech writers bring more to the table than the ability to create documents that fulfill the client’s objective. Very often, the writer is part of a team that develops concepts and whole campaigns. The writer is expected to take an active role in the process. One opportunity for participation is being in a brainstorming session. Some people confuse a brainstorming session with a bull session when people sit around and say whatever comes to mind. There are big differences between the two. The biggest difference is that brainstorming is intended to produce valuable ideas. It’s not a time for expressing random thoughts and telling stories. A brainstorming session is a group of people who are involved with or interested in a specific topic. They gather to present ideas and ̵...[Read More]