Maxis Home Fibre’s Public IP Address Now Costs Additional RM10 Per Month


Maxis has notified its customers that the company is no longer using public IP addresses for Maxis Home Fibre service. That being said, customers can still obtain the option for their home albeit at an additional cost.

According to the FAQ document on its website, the telco said that the decision to migrate to private IP addresses was done in the name of security. Once it is implemented, this helps prevent someone from outside of Maxis network to identify and attack IP addresses that belonged to customers.


However, the implementation of private IP addresses also affects some applications and devices out there such as non-cloud IP CCTV, certain games, and programs that require port forwarding. For such customers, Maxis still offers public IP option although it comes with an additional cost of RM10 per month which is something that the telco has begun to charge customers since early December 2022 according to the FAQ document.

In order to obtain it, customers have to call the telco’s customer service line at 123 if done through Maxis mobile line or 1800 82 1123 for other fixed and mobile lines. On the other hand, the document also said that existing customers can continue to utilize the public IP option and Maxis will notify them three months before it begins charging them the additional fee.

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Maxis was not the first ISP that migrated from public to private IP addresses for its consumer-grade fibre broadband service. Between late 2021 and early 2022, TM also implemented private IP addresses for Unifi 30Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps customers in phases which were done in the name of security as well.

Customers with Unifi plans that run at higher speeds such as 300Mbps, 500Mbps, and 800Mbps was not affected by the migration process. However, TM has completely stopped offering the public IP option to customers since then.

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