Maxis To Finally Sign 5G Access Agreement With DNB


Maxis has been the only major telco in Malaysia to opt out of the 5G Access Agreement with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) due to a number of factors. However, last Friday, the company posted on Bursa Malaysia that it is finally seeking its shareholders’ approval to execute the deal through an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) set to convene this quarter.

According to the telco, it is ready to sign the access agreement as it is in the company’s best interests and there were no other 5G options. One of the factors that made it change its mind about the Single Wholesale Network (SWN) seems to be the government’s green light for the country to eventually shift to a dual 5G network once the existing infrastructure achieves 80% 5G coverage of populated areas.

Maxis details that the Access Agreement is a 10-year deal which cannot be terminated unless there is a change in the regulatory environment relating to the SWN position by 31 December 2027. As for the cost, it estimates that this agreement will cost about RM360 million annually.

When the transition to the dual model takes place, a new entity will be established to develop a second 5G network. Moreover, once the target coverage is achieved, the government will dispose of its entire stake in DNB, turning it into a private company operated by an independent entity. A new task force comprised of the government, DNB, and local service providers has been established to implement the shift.

(Source: Bursa Malaysia)

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