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MBA Degree Program Admission – Is It Possible For Working Adults With Diploma Qualification?

MBA Degree Program Admission – Is It Possible For Working Adults With Diploma Qualification?

Some of you may have diploma qualification from relevant fields of study. If you have a diploma qualification and vast experience in management positions, and you are considering whether you are eligible to enroll to a MBA degree course. The main problem is that you do not have a bachelor's degree qualification yet as it is one of the main criteria for the admission of this particular postgraduate program.

In this case, it is advisable for you to enroll to a business undergraduate program before you take a step up to the postgraduate program. It is not much problem of getting a bachelor's degree qualification since you have a diploma qualification and several related working experiences in order to get a place in one of the high ranked accredited business schools. You will be able to learn most of the related business concepts and application in these prestigious business schools that can benefit in your future career advancement.

As a matter of fact, there are some programs that allow diploma holders with related experiences as a prerequisite for the admission of a MBA degree program. It happens when your diploma qualification is recognized by the accredited business school that you want to apply, and you have averagely more than six years of related working experiences.

However, this does not guarantee you a place in a postgraduate business school as you need to get satisfactory results on your TOEFL and GMAT; and fulfill any other requirements for course admission. In fact, these requirements for this foundation course differ from school to school.

Generally speaking, taking up a MBA degree course should not be too hasty. Basically, there are several things you need to put into consideration such as course preparation, time management, tuition fees; and other possibilities that could distract the process of learning.


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