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Message From the Universe: Deserving Great Things Isn’t a Sense of Entitlement

Message From the Universe: Deserving Great Things Isn’t a Sense of Entitlement

“Laughter, new friends, and far away travel. Wildlife, unexplored jungles, and hidden lagoons. Adventure, ancient mysteries, and modern cities. Challenges, heroes, and passionate love.

You deserve it ALL.

So do I.

Would you mind visualizing for us?

Boots on,

The Universe”

You worked your butt off, sacrificed, put aside doing fun things so you can focus on your business and did everything you can to make things happened. You overcame challenges that were as tall as K-2, and despite the bout of frustration and possible depression, you didn’t give up. There is nothing out there that will ever stop you, except death of course, to reach your goals. Life is filled with opportunities and you have a special gift to know which one will suit you best. You deserve great things in life and you should also expect them to come your way. Deserving things isn’t the same as feeling entitled to them because of who you think you are. Vegging on the couch and complaining that greatness doesn’t come your way is one way to feel entitled, and this approach won’t bring you anywhere. You will face more hurdles if you keep thinking that life will come around and bow to your demands.

If you want something to happen in your life, take action and go for what you believe. Work hard and smart so you can experience great changes that YOU deserve. I can’t really guarantee certainty as some situation may arise where the Universe feels that this opportunity may not be the ultimate one for you, hence, presents additional challenges to you so you can be redirected to another more optimal path for your life. Do not ignore these signs as they may provide you with key information that will change the course of your future. It is obvious that difficult challenges isn’t always a sign of the Universe to tell you to let go of this venture, as in some cases, more difficult the challenge, higher the rewards. Every situations are different, and it is important to take into consideration your well being and safety throughout your journey. Listen to your inner voice as it is a way for the Universe to talk to you and guide you in the right direction. As I am not gifted to read minds or anything else of that sort, it can be difficult for me to determine what is the best opportunity for you and how to approach it. It is up to you to determine the best path to take and will give you a new direction to ultimate health, wealth and happiness.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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