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Method In Designing A Website

Method In Designing A Website

Learning how to make a website is not as difficult as people make it seem. All it requires is your undivided attention and time, that’s all. This article provides the step by step procedures involved in designing a website.

To design a website you need just the following items: – a domain name, a hosting account, and any platform you’re comfortable with or one which  relates to your desired niche. So you see it doesn’t take much to design a website. But have it at the back of your mind that a domain name and a hosting account come at a fee, well depending on your niche platforms can be fee-less.

To get a domain name, visit any of the domain name registrars you know and get your desired domain name registered. Examples of domain registrars are:-, blue host, resellers club, name cheap etc.

Those are some of the few among numerous domain name registrars (you can Google and get more)you must consider certain things before getting hosting because this is where your website is stored and set up and running so there are certain factors you must consider before getting hosting. Mind you, don’t ever let price be your motive for selecting a hosting company, meaning don’t let price be the driving factor behind the hosting company you’re choosing. Get hosting from companies with great data backups cause at one point you’re going to need it.

In choosing a platform for designing a website, you must choose one that suites your niche. You can get this platform installed on your hosting account with your hosting company. If you’re into blogs, Open Blog is one of the numerous platforms you can build your website with. If you’re into portals, Drupal is one of the numerous platforms you can build your website with. If you’re into forums, Vanilla is one of the example among the numerous available. If you’re into e-commerce, Open cart is one of the platform. So on and so forth.

Believe it or not everyone needs a basic knowledge of some coding not necessarily to run your site but in cases of troubleshooting when any issue emerges in the process of using your platform to build your site. You can pay people to do the troubleshooting for you when such happens but learning and doing it yourself gives you more user experience and reduces expenditure.

Always make a complete research on a particular niche before installing a platform to build your site with. Always make sure to ask people who have been into web designing about things you might find confusing along the way.


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