Milus Watches Guide – About This Watch Brand and Its Popular Innovative Women’s and Men’s Timepieces


Milus watches have been around since 1919. It was a family owned company for generations, up to 2002. The timepieces offered by this brand are available for men and women. Amazing techniques are used during the crafting process.

For decades, Milus has combined innovation with tradition. The TriRetrograde mechanism in particular is proof of the innovation for which this brand is renowned. This technology revolves creating three separate circle segments, each of which containing its own hand. The three hands spin back and forth in an interesting play that is intriguing to watch. These watches are fascinating gadgets that anybody would love to have.

They have always evolved with the times. Today, some of the 1970s timepieces offered by Milus would be considered vintage. Contemporary styles are more high-tech. That said, there are some designs that are more subtle in appearance. Some are even elegant and classy. There is enough variety in the styles to suit most people’s tastes.

The Herios series, for instance, combine works of art with watch technology. These watches feature beautiful, colorful artwork on the dials. The enameling on the large, square dials is simply colorful and amazing. The straps are made with black or brown leather.

For women, the Apiana series is pretty popular. These aren’t as high-tech looking at some of the other Milus watches. They have leather straps and stainless steel cases. The dial features mother of pearl in pastel colors, such as pale pink and blue. Where they really stand out is with the design on the dial: 12, 3, 6, and 9 are all morphed together in a neat design. The rectangular case is adorned with many sparkling diamonds.

For men, there are some really nice black leather and silver tone dial watches available. These can have either square or round dials. On some models, the TriRetrograde mechanism is more noticeable. They are run by anti-reflective sapphires and have good water-resistance.

Some of the men’s watches are made out of stainless steel and have beige dials. Compared to many other Milus watches, they are rather elegant. They have a sleek, classy look, with silver hands and silver markers. The round dial is surrounded by a stainless steel case. There is a dial window made with anti-reflective sapphire and scratch-resistant technology. The clasp is a deployment-type with a bush-button mechanism.

Overall, the Milus watches are great to look at, comfortable to wear, and crafted to last. They are built with technology and materials that withstand the tests of time. They make great investments and gifts.


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